That Boy

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  • Published: 21 Feb 2014
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Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


22. Shower Time With Mr.Tomlinson

Stevie's POV

I snuggle more into whatever's wrapped around me and sigh. It's nice and warm. I slightly open my eyes and I see a sleeping Louis beside me with his head in the crook of my neck, light snores escape his mouth and it's warm on my skin.

I blink a couple times and sit up. Okay, I try and sit up only for Louis to pull me back down. I try and sit up again.

Key word: TRY.

"Oh shit." I say as he pulls me back down to him. Again.

I sigh. Maybe we could just stay like this. I am still tired. Wait. Bella's still here.

"Oh fuck!" I say as I push on Louis chest and I end up on the ground.

"Ouch." I mumble as I rub my backside.

"What the hell? Stevie? Where the hell am I?" Louis yawns and looks up.

I sigh and get up off the ground and Louis slowly sits up.

"Ow my damn heads pounding." He mumbles putting his head in his hands. I sit beside him on the couch and he puts his head on my shoulder. "Why am I here again?"

I chuckle at his stupidity. Even if he's hungover. It's still pretty funny.

"I don't know. You came over here this morning drunk out of your mind and you asked to stay here and you went on about wanting nachos for the longest time then you told me that you and the boys all went out, well everyone but Calum. Then you told me Luke did something......" I tell him and his eyes go wide when I say the part about Luke.

"What did I say to you after the Luke part?" He asks automatically after I'm done I give him a confused look.

"If I can remember right, you told me that it wasn't you who should tell me or something like that. And yeah." I tell him and he physically relaxes.

"Right. And can I have something to stop my head from pounding please? It feels like Josh and Ashton are having a drumming war in my fucking head." He asks holding his head again. I sigh and I jump up and run up the stairs.

I quietly open my bedroom door and I see Bella still asleep under the blankets. I sigh in relief and I make my way over to my bathroom to get Louis something.

"Where the hell is it...." I ask my self as I search through all the medicine and crap.

"No, no, what the hells this? Nope, no, don't know where that came from....... I've been looking for this everywhere, okay clearly not everywhere if it was here the whole time...... Right. Back to looking for Louis stupid medicine......" I talk to myself. Where the fuck is it?!

"Aha! Gotcha! Damn thing....." I do a little victory dance in the middle of my bathroom and I slip and fall. Smooth Stevie. Real smooth.

"Sweet potatoes that hurt like a bitch." I say to myself and I hear deep chuckling coming from the doorway.

I look over to see Louis leaning against the doorframe with a smile on his face and his arms crossed.

"Oh it's okay. I don't need any help at all. Thanks for asking." I say sarcastically and he laughs even more. I roll my eyes and I hear a muffled sound coming from my bed.

My eyes go wide and I pull Louis into the bathroom with me and I lock the door.

"The bathroom? Really?" He says as he smirks. I shake my head slightly and I hand him the bottle of pills.

"Oh baby thank you." He says as he opens the bottle up and takes one out and gulps it down with a cup of water.

"Stevie? Is that you?" I hear Bella ask from the other side of the door and she slightly knocks on it.

"Um, yeah?" I call out. Louis about to say something but I put my hand over his mouth.

"Can you hurry. I have to go to the washroom." She says and I wonder why she can't use the one down stairs.

"Um. I'm about to get in the shower right now." I tell her and Louis places his hand over mine and presses down on his mouth to muffle the laughter. I shoot daggers at him.

"I have to pee though!" She whines. I laugh. I can see Louis go red in the face from trying to hold back his laughter.

"Why don't you use the one downstairs?" I ask. I turn on the water to make it sound like I really am having a shower.

"Because someone's already in it." She says and I look at Louis who shrugs his shoulders. I take my hand away from his mouth.

"Well. Wait." I say smirking and she groans.

"I can't or I'm going to piss my self!" She says and Louis doubles over laughing before I can stop him. I try anyways.

I push him slightly giving him a what the hells wrong with you face.

"Do you have a guy in there with you?!" She asks sounding slightly shocked and I mentally slap my self. Then I slap Louis. And not mentally.

"Ow." Louis whispers.

"Uh..." I don't have no words.

"I'm coming in. And I don't give two shits what you say about it." She says and the door knob jiggles for a second then starts turning.

My eyes go wide and I pull Louis into the shower with me so were both standing under the water. I take my shirt off and my pants and throw them outside of the tub so they don't get wet.

I look up to see Louis gawking at me. I roll my eyes and snap my fingers in front of his face.

He blinks a couple times and then he looks up at my face.

"Why'd you take you clothes off?" He whispers and I place my hand over his mouth. I took them off so it looks like I'm actually having a shower. Der.

I peek my head out and see Bella giving me a confused look.

"Morning to you to." I tell her smiling. She raises an eyebrow at me and I bite my lip.

"Who's in there with you?" She asks. My eyes go wide. Ah hell.

"No one." I say way to fast and Louis smacks me on the back of the head. I turn around and smack him upside the head and he says ow. I face palm and his eyes go wide.

"Dumbass." I hiss at him in a whisper.

"So Stevie. Who ya with?" Bella asks again and I pop my head out to see Bell with her hands on her hips.

"No one Bella." I tell her.

"Bullshit Stevie. Now tell me who your showering with." She tells me and laughs.

Fine. I'll tell her.

"I'm showering with Louis Tomlinson." I tell her and he smacks me on the back of the head again.

I turn around to face him. "Will you stop hitting me?" No need to whisper now.

"Okay. Sure. You have fun with 'Louis'. I'll wait till you two are done. Just use protection. You can still get pregnant while in the shower. It's not true that the water washes all the-" I cut her off.

"We got it! We don't need a sex-ed lesson from you! Bella now get out!" I practically beg her. She laughs and I stick my middle finger out at her she laughs harder and she shuts the door. I sigh in relief.

That was to close for comfort.....

Speaking of to close for comfort....

I look up at Louis who's red from holding in his laughter. And very close to me.

"Go ahead. Laugh." That's all it took and he doubles over laughing. I chuckle and shake my head at him.

I push my wet hair out of my face and sigh. I turn around and make the water a little warmer.

"Ooh. It's warm." He says and it's now my turn to crack up laughing.

He hugs me so he can get under the warm water also, while he's still fully clothed and I'm only in my bra and underwear. Thank god there not white or anything like that.

"Your suck a dork." I say giggling and he just smiles and hugs me tighter.

"I should just wash my hair right now sense I'm already in here." I say laughing. He shrugs his shoulders before handing me the shampoo with a cheeky smile on his face.

"Go ahead. Wash your hair. Don't mind me. I'll just watch." He says and I stick my tongue out at him.

"Your such a creep sometimes, ya know that?" I tell him and he shrugs his shoulders.

"So I've been told." He smiles at me, not fazed at all. Not that I expected him to be or anything.

He spikes his hair up but it just falls back flat against his forehead, I laugh as I squeeze the stuff onto my palm. I close it and give it back to Louis who puts it back where he found it and I scrub my hair.

Good thing I have an okay sized shower. He pokes my cheek and I swat at his hand. He does again and I bite it.

"Ow! You bit me!" He yells and I hear laughter coming from my bedroom. Bella and her dirty mind. Louis gives a confused face at the laughter then realization hits him and he smirks at me with a devious look in his eyes.

Oh shit.


Don't you dare.


"Be more gentle next time babe!" He yells loud enough for Bella to hear and my cheeks flame up.

"Louis...... Don't......" I warn him but his smirk only grows.

"Right there!....... Oh yes baby!..... You hit the spot dead on!........... Keep doing that over and over again!" He moans out and I hear something or more like someone fall off the bed and a fit of giggles follows it.

"Louis!" I gasp really loud and then I shut my eyes at what I just said because it sounded exactly like we were, indeed 'doing it'.

"Do it again! Say my name baby!" He yells out and I press my lips together to stop from either yelling, laughing or going along with his plane......

"Your a pain in my ass ya know that?" I tell him and he laughs and I face plam. Oh god. I really need to think before I speak......

I hear Bella gasping for air in my bedroom and I laugh at the image of her falling off my bed laughing and gasping for air.

"Well...... Sorry babe. All this," He motions to himself, "Comes with a price ya know. You want me to kiss it better for you?" He asks and my eyes go wide and they almost pop out of there sockets. I smack him on his arm as he laughs.

I turn around so my backs to him and I rinse my hair out. After a moment of silence, and all the shampoos out, Louis taps on my shoulder and hands me the bottle of conditioner.

I thank him and do the same thing I did to the shampoo. I feel Louis fingers on my head and I make a confused face.

"Lou. What're you doing you creep?" I ask. He chuckles but keeps running his hands through my hair.

"I wanna play with your hair. Luke talks about how soft and fun it is to play with it all the time so I thought, 'Eh, why not give it a shot?' So I now see why he chats about it all the time." He says as he places his chin on my left shoulder. I look over at him and laugh.

"Whatever Louis." I say and I let him play with it for a couple minutes and then I rinse it out.

After it's out I play with his hair, hey! He got to play with mine so I get to play with his, it seems only fair. Oh my god. That sounded so bad.... I'm so sorry.....

I turn the tap off and step out of the shower, not caring if I'm dripping wet. I grab a towel for me and I hand one to Louis who takes his shirt off and rings it out. I grab my dirty clothes and wrap the towel around my body. I peek my head out and I see no sign of Bella thank god.

I motion for Louis to follow me and he does so. I throw on a long T- shirt and that's it because I think I hear Bella coming back up the stars. I panic and I peek my head out.

Nope. No sign of her. I grab Louis arm and pull him down stairs an we make it to the door. I look around and I can hear the faint sound of the shower going from the bathroom downstairs.

I let out a giant breath I didn't know I was holding in.

"Okay. That's a sight to see." I turn around to see Niall with a smile on his face but confusion clear also.

"Niall? What'er you doing here?" I ask while throwing my hair up into a messy bun with an elastic I found.

"I came here looking for Louis, them I had to go bathroom so, I used it and then I got hungry so I went and raided you fridge. Then I heard some conversation upstairs and let me tell you it was soo funny." Niall say laughing at the end.

"Well you found me." Louis says grinning at Niall who chuckles while shaking his head slightly.

"So what was that about upstairs? I thought you and Hemming's had it going on? Or is this payback for what the little shit did last night?" Niall asks with wide eyes and a smile and I give him a confused look.

"Pay back? For what? What did Luke do?" I ask and Niall looks at Louis.

"Wait. You...." He stops once he sees how confused I am. "Never mind."

Now I'm confused. Not that I wasn't before, but yeah.

"Okay so what happened up stairs?" He asks again, trying to change the subject.

"Nothing like that you twit." Louis scolds Niall who snickers.

"My friends here and she heard Louis but didn't know who it was so we hopped into the shower to make it look like we were having a shower and Louis, being the dumbass he is, thought it would be smart and fun to make sexual noises." I tell him the short version. He doubles over laughing, his laughter ringing out through out the house.

"Really Louis?" Ni asks and Louis grins cheekily and nods his head.

"I swear your a five year old in a 22 year olds body. C'mon idiot. The boys are all wondering where the fuck ye ran off to." Niall says motioning for Louis to follow him as they make there way toward the door.

"Wait!" I blurt out and they both turn around to face me.

"Yes?" Irish asks me.

"What did Luke do......?" I ask and they both look at each other before looking at me.

"We have to go Stevie. Text ya later." Louis says before running out the door.

Niall gives me a sympathetic look before leaving and shutting the door behind him.

Now I'm more confused then ever.

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