That Boy

Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


6. Pissed Royaly

Ashton and Luke whisper to each other sending glances my way every once in a while.

After what seems the be forever, they finally turn back to the crowd.

"Hello! I'm Ashton Irwin." Ash says smiling and waving to the crowd.

"And I'm Luke Hemming's." Luke says smiling, showing off white teeth. A few girls scream. But other then them, it's quiet.

"And we're here to talk to you about bullying. It's not just name calling even though that hurts. Just being mean hurts. Not only the person you said it to, but your self also. I should know. I was a jerk to someone not to long ago. Someone special in my life. When they came in to my life, they turned my world kinda upside down. But sorry doesn't always make it better, but it's a start. Be the more mature person." When he says that, I get out my phone and text him.

"So I'm not mature? Is that what your saying?!" I text him can't believe what I just heard.

He about to say something when his phone goes off.

"I was a jerk to someone also. One of my best friends." Ashton says.

Luke takes out his phone and reads the text. His face goes from confusion to shock, to pain.

The he says, "No! That's not what I meant." Then when we all look at him, pink makes it's way onto his cheeks, when he relised what he just said.

"I'm sorry. That was suppose to be in my head." Luke says chuckling.

"Luke I'm sorry I pissed you off the other day. I didn't know you and her were a thing." Ashton says giving Luke a sad frown. What the hell? We are NOT a thing!

"We're not a thing Ash. She probably doesn't ever want to see me again." Like says scratching the back of his neck. "After you left, we kinda..... Got into an argument. I was a jerk. I said some really mean things that I didn't mean to say to her." Luke says clearing his throat.

"You have know idea." I said to my self earning a confused look from Gabby and Bella.

"Well you have to say your sorry Luke. I can't suck you out'a this one." Ashton says putting his hand on Luke's shoulder.

"Okay we're going to pull one of you girls out of the crowd to act like Luke's 'friend'." Ashton says and all the girls go wild. Everyone but me.

"How about you? What's your name babe?" Ashton says walking down to me. I glare at him. He sees and stifles a laugh.

"Not interested. Sorry." I say with fake sweetness. That only pushes him harder.

"Seriously, come on." He grabs my hand and pulls me up and off my chair and up onto the stage.

I lean into him and whisper "I have really bad stage fright."

Ashton looks at me and he can see in my eyes that I'm not lying. Witch is true as hell. Holy shit I'm going to die.

"Sorry I didn't know." Ashton says. I gulp and look down.

A finger goes under my chin and my face is brought up to meet Luke's, he hands me a bunch of papers stapled together and on it it's says "Just go with it."

I glare at him and back away from him.

"This is a story between Luke and someone who he pissed off royaly." Ashton says and Calum and Michael sitting beside him snickering. I shoot daggers at them and they shut up. Good.

"And. ACTION!" Michael says while laughing after. Asses.

"Look. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say those things to you." Luke says, acting like he's reading off the paper.

"Oh so they just magically appeared and slipped out of your mouth at the same moment I'm with you?" I say. I don't care about the crowd of people watching. I'm pissed off at Luke still.

He called me a slut. Ashton's right. He did piss me off royaly.

"I didn't mean to. It was a mistake!" He says coming closer to me so he's right in from of me.

"Was I mistake?" I ask him.

Luke looks shocked but then a slow smile makes it's way onto his face.

"Why would you ever think that?"

"Because you called me a slut. That's why." I say shaking my head, backing away.

"I was jealous!" He says.

"Wait. You- you were jealous of me?" Ashton says walking over to us just as shocked as I am. I sneak a peak at Michael and Calum. They all have the same face.

Luke sighs and runs his hand threw his hair. "Yes Ashton. I was jealous. And I'm gong to keep being jealous because she's pissed at me." He says motioning to me. I'm right here!! Jackass!

"Well who's fault is that?!" I shout throwing my paper down on the stage glaring at Luke, with such hatred I felt like I was going to explode.

"It was my fault I know!" He shouts at me. "I was an ass. I got it! It's just I didn't like other guys hitting on you. It made me feel like I didn't have anything left."

"You have your band and your fans and your carrier." I say throwing my hands up, my voice going back to normal.

He's now right in from of me. So there's no space between our bodies.

He puts his finger under my chin, making me meet his eyes. Then he leans in really close and whispers. "Yeah. But I don't have you."

Then his lips are on mine. His arms go to my waist and mine go around his neck.

This kiss was like no other. It was amazing. We break away and we're both breathing heavily. His forehead still on mine. I swallow and we back away from each other, but he still has an arm protectively around my waist.

People clap and clap. Michael, Ashton and Calum come over to us.

"Hey. I'm Michael." Michael says smiling. I give a small smile back. He reaches his hand out for me to shake, witch I do being all nice I am. But he pulls me in for a hug and Luke's muscles tense a little. I roll my eyes at him.

Then I turn to Calum.

"Hey there. So your the girl Luke won't shut up about?" He says witch earns a groan from Luke, a snicker from Ash and Michael and I giggle from me.

I nod my head.

We turn back to the crowd and Luke brings me back stage randomly. He's literally dragging me. Where are we going?

He pulls me into a small closet and pins me up against the wall and out of the blue, his lips crash onto mine.

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