That Boy

Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


41. Pinkie Promise

Stevie's POV

I shift into a more comfortable position on the bed wrapped in blankets.

"Stevie, just cause they, as in Luke, said your name on live tv doesn't mean people are gonna know it's you. Like, I bet you there are thousands of other Stevie's around the world." Michael says groaning from his place on his bed. I ignore him and hug the blanket closer to me watching my show.

God he's so cute...... Sigh. No, not Michael but the guy on my show. Deaks from NCIS LA. God Kenzie's one lucky girl.

I take another sip from my water bottle and sigh. "Stevie you also can't ignore us all. At lest not me."

I look over at him with a sigh and he does a small dance still sitting in his bed with a grin. "Yeah! You actually acknowledged me this time!"

I roll my eyes at him. I've been ignoring all of the boy and Calum and Michael have been very confused and offended because they didn't so anything.

It's not them I'm pissed at, just ashton and Luke. Cal and Michael just got stuck in the wrath of it.

"Will you at least say something? Anything please!" Michael says falling forward on his bed still criss crossed.

"I'm sorry." I say and he gasps.

He looks at me with wide eyes. "You talked! Actual words coming from your mouth! And no more silent treatment for Michael Clifford!"

I roll my eyes and he suddenly turns serious. "Wait. Sorry for what?"

I sigh running a hand through my tangle hair. "For giving you -and Calum- the cold shoulder when you guys didn't really do much. Actually you didn't do anything. Why? Why didn't you do when you knew something was going to slip?"

He blinks a couple times before groaning an rubbing his face with his hands. "Look Stevie. I didn't mean to just do nothing. It's complicated okay? I was so caught up in it that when I finally comprehended what was really going on and what they were fighting about, it was to late. Luke already slipped your name to the world."

I sigh and rub my eyes. "I should apologies to Calum."

He nods. "Yep." He say going back onto his phone.

I take a rep breath letting it out as I slowly get off the bed and make my way over to the door.

I put my hair up into a messy tangled bun. I really need a shower. I walk towards Calum's door and hesitate before knocking.

Shit who's he sharing a room with? Because in pretty sure Luke and Ashton aren't going to be sharing a room together.

I take my chance and before I can talk my way out of it, I knock on the door. I hear shuffling around on the otherwise of the door. "Oh fuck."

I bite my lip to keep from laughing.

"Fucking hell, damn table." I hear Calum curse and I shake my head.

The door finally opens up to a shirtless Calum and his scowl (he was directing to his foot) turns into a hair grin when he sees it's me.

"Stevie!" He exclaims throwing his arms around me and I pat his back and he lets me go moving to the side so I could go in.

I walk in and sit on a random bed. "So what's up Rae?"

"Rae? That's a new one." I say and he squeals. I give him a weird look.

"Hell you just talked to me! I feel so proud and happy!!" He says literally jumping up and down on the spot he's standing.

"Anyway. I'm sorry Calum." I say and his smile turns into a small smile.

He sits beside me on the bed. "It's okay Rae, that's your new nickname that I'm calling you by the way, hey that rhymed! Okay so as I was saying, it's okay. I understand why you were giving us the silent treatment."

I grab his hand and hold it in my own. "No it wasn't Calum. It was rude and dumb of me because you did nothing wrong."

He smiles at our hands, not meeting my eyes through my whole mini 'speach'.

"Well I should have stopped it before it got out of hand though." He mumbles and I realize he looks like he's on the verge of tears.

I wipe one that came out of his eyes with my thumb as I out my hand in his cheek. "Cal it's okay."

He grabs my hands but keeps them on his cheeks. "No it's not. I could have done something but I didn't and now everyone's gonna know who you are and you'll get hate and- and I don't think I could live with myself knowing I could have stopped it all from happening in the first place."

"Shh Calum it's fine. I've got you guys to keep me safe." I say try to blink away my own tears.

Calum then wipes my cheek. "Hell now I made you cry. Fuck I can't get anything right." He groans walking away and pulling on his hair as more tears stream down his face.

I stand up an walk over to him. "Calum what are you talking about? Your amazing."

He looks at me with disbelief. "Yeah right. I suck at everything."

I shake my head. "No your absolutely wrong. Your an amazing person and you can play bass so amazingly and you can sing like an angel. Your amazing."

He blinks at me and walks over to me, stuffing his hands in his sweat pants. "Really? Do you really mean it?"

I sigh with a teary smile. "Yes Calum I'm really serious."

"Serious serious?" He asks with a smile.

I sigh crossing my arms. "Serious serious."

"Okay. That makes me feel a little better." He says and I grin. I start walking toward the door but Calum grabs my wrist and I stop and look at him.

He holds out his pinkie. "Pinkie promise?" He asks with big wide brown doe-like eyes.

I smile and hook my pinkie with his. "Pinkie promise."

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