That Boy

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  • Published: 21 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 19 Mar 2018
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Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


3. McDonalds

"We have to go to my house." I say as I dig around in my bag to find my book.

"How come?" Luke asks stoping at the intersection. He turns to me.

"I have to change and put my bag away and see my mom." I say glancing at him before going back to look for my book. Where the hell did it go?

"Oh okay. No problem." Luke says as we drive to my house.

We make small chitchat till we pull up in my drive way and see my moms home. Great. She can meet Luke..... Wait. Is that really such a great idea.....?

To late now I think as he follows me inside the house.

My mom looks up from her computer and smiles.

"Stevie! God who's house did you stay at? I called all of your friends that I know, and none of them said you were there. I even called Michael." My mom says getting a cup of tea. I walk to my room and put my bag down. I walk back out into the living room and see Luke looking at the animals.

"I was at a friends house. That's no lie." I say flopping onto the couch.

"Yeah, well who's?" My mom asks then Luke coughs by accident and my moms eye flicker to him. Before any of us can say anything, her eyes go wide.

"Stevie, did you stay at a boys house with out telling me?" My mom asks hurt and betrayal in her voice. I look down and pick at my nails.

"Well, yeah." I mumble, but I guess my mom heard though.

"Stevie! I hope you at least used protection." My mom says. Luke looks up from looking at what ever, eyes wide and amusement all over his face but, you can see shock mixed into it also.

"Mom!" I yell out witch, had to be the worst possible thing to do in a time like this.

"You did do it!!" She says her eyes going wide. Luke starts laughing and I glare at him, but he just keeps on laughing. Asswipe.

"Mom. We di-" I get cut off by Luke.

"We did. It was amazing, but I don't think I used protection. If we have a child, and it's a boy, can we name him Max?" Luke says coming over to me and putting his arm around my shoulder.

"No. We are not naming the kid Max! And by that, I mean I'M not naming the kid Max." I say crossing my arms then add." No mom. I'm not going to have a kid anytime soon." I sigh.

My mom looks relieved and Luke pouts. I roll my eyes.

"I'm going to change. Be right back." I say going to my room. I shut the door behind me and I throw on a sweater that says "Kiss Me I'm Irish!" On it. I keep my red pants on but fix my hair and put the beanie back on my head. I get my purse and walk back out.

My mom sees me and comes over and gives me a kiss in the cheek. I scrunch up my nose and wipe my cheek.

"Mom, what the hell was that for?" I say scrubbing my mom infected cheek.

"Your sweater says, 'Kiss Me I'm Irish' so, I gave you a kiss." She says then turns to Luke.

"I don't know who you are still." My mom says, her gaze hardening. I think Luke senses that as well because he scratches the back of his neck.

"Mom, this is Luke." I say walking over to stand beside him.

"So your the friend that she slept over at, right?" My mom asks sitting down on the couch looking at Luke with with an unreadable expression. Okay then.....

Luke and me sit on the love seat.

"That's right." Luke says putting his hands together in front of him.

"So, are you her boyfriend?" I glare at my mom for bringing it up. This is always and awkward topic.

"Um, no." Luke says looking at the ground. I pick at my nail polish.

"Well are you going up sleep there again, Stevie?" My mom asks me. I look up and then look at Luke then back at my mom.

"I don't really know." I say shrugging my shoulders. Luke lets out a deep chuckle. I give him a confused look.

"You can stay when ever you'd like, because I live alone and I'm alone most of the time." Luke says with a lazy grin in his face. I smile back at him. It's kinda hard not to smile at Luke.

"Oh. Um thanks. Yeah I guess I'll stay if that's okay with you of cores." I trail off my babbling and go red like a fire truck.

"See. Told you we would prepare next time." Luke says shoving me with his shoulder. I laugh and get up.

"Well I'm gonna go get some clothes that are mine." I say and go into my room. I get my bag and throw random clothes in it. I grab my back pack also. I have school on Fridays to yeah know.

I walk back out and go to Luke's car, and throw my stuff in the backseat. I walk back into my house and see my mom on her laptop.

"Okay, hey, we better get going. The boys are going to wonder what I'm doing if I'm not back at my house when they get there." Luke says laughing. I give my mom and hug and kiss and follow Luke out the door.

We get in his car and drive off to his house.

"Wanna get something to eat first?" Luke asks as we see a McDonald's up ahead. My eyes light up. Damn, I haven't had McDonalds in a while.

"Yes! I love McDonalds!" I say jumping up as down and clapping my hands. Luke laughs as we drive up to the building.

Then, something crosses my mind.

"Hey Luke. Did you see that video they posted of us on YouTube?" I ask looking at him. He puts down his sunglasses and I do the same. I zip up my coat and get out of the car.

"No I haven't. Is it good or bad?" Luke asks with a worried expression on his face.

"It all depends I guess." I sigh following Luke into a short line.

"So Stevie, what would you like to eat?" Luke asks as looks down at me.

"A bigmac please. I'm hungry. Don't judge." I say smiling.

"Oh I'm not judging. It's just that Callum went out with this girl one time, and she wouldn't eat in front of him." Luke says making a face. I laugh at the weirdness.

"How could she go so long with out eating? Eating is like, my life!!" I say putting a hand over my heart. Luke chuckles and rolls his eyes at me. I stick my tung out at him and he does the same.

We walk up to the cashier and we out in our orders. He hands her the money and I make a note to self to pay him back.

We take our food and go to a seat in the far corner. I sit across from him. He gets his food and I get mine.

We eat in peace for a minute, then a little girl comes out of know where and gives us a small smile.

"Hi there." I say smiling back. She looks at me and then back at Luke, a smile never leaving her face. She looks around 5-6 years old? Yeah, around there.

"Are you Luke Hemming's?" The little girl asks in a shy voice.

"Yes. Yes I am. And who may you be?" He asks smiling back down at her. Her smile gets even bigger.

"I'm Khristan. With a K" She says all giddy now. I giggle at her.

"Can you sign this for me please?" She asks holding out a piece of paper and a marker. He smiles and signs it.

Then she looks at me.

"Are you Luke's girlfriend?" Khristan asks smiling so her little dimples show. She's a cute little blonde haired girl.

"Oh um. No I'm not." I say giving her a small smile.

"Oh. That's not good. Luke, make her your girlfriend." She says pouting at Luke. I love how he gets bossed around by a little girl.

"Well, how could I do that?" Luke asks playing along.

"I don't know. Oh! You could ride off in the sunset on a horsy. You could be her prince and she's your princess! Then you'll live happily ever after! And you'll have kids like me!" She says giggling. Then she runs off.

"Didn't we already have this 'kid' talk at my house?" I ask, raising an eye brow at Luke. He smiles then eats a fry.

"If I ever have a kid, and it's a little girl, I want her to be like Khristan." I say smiling at my food. I can feel Luke's gaze on my head.

We eat in peace and when we finish, we throw out our garbage and leave the restraint.

All of a sudden, cameras are all in our face and flashing madly at us. Luke takes my hand and we head to his car, I put my hood on over the beanie and Luke opens the door for me and then he waves at the cameras then gets in. The cameras are still flashing like crazy, even as we drive away.

Well then....

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