That Boy

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  • Published: 21 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 19 Mar 2018
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Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


33. Light Blue Dress

After getting dressed we decide to go to the mall that's close by. We finally got a motel after driving in that damn bus. Sadly I don't get my own room.

I look at my outfit once more in the mirror, my blue long sleeved shirt with brainy smurf on and it says GEEK across my chest in yellow, and my short jean shorts. My blonde hair is in ringlets and for some odd reason that's how it was when I woke up.

I grab my wallet, sunglasses, phone, head phones and I put my black VANS on.

"You ready Stevie?!" I hear my (sigh) roommate yell.

"Yeah coming!" I yell as I walk out of the washroom. He looks me over once and gives me a nod. He grabs his room key and puts it in his pocket.

I grab mine and put it in my wallet so I don't loose it. Knowing Dipshit, he's gonna loose his.

We make our way to the elevator and he presses G.

"I know you probably don't want to talk about this but, you need to confront Luke." He says and I sigh.

"I know.... It's just that it's not as easy as it sounds." I say leaning against the wall of the elevator.

"I know it's hard but you need to soon." He says and I look down at my fingers.

"Yeah.... I know." I mumble. He wraps his arm around my shoulder and I lean into him.

The elevator dings telling us we've reaches ground level and we make our way into the lobby.

It's just Rainbow and me going today. I never get to spend time with him. It's usually me and Ashton or it use to be me and Luke. I haven't spent time with Calum yet either. Add that to my to do list.

As we get closer to the doors, I hear screaming and I flinch at the loud noise. He notices and moves closer to me.

The security hold back the fans as well as the cops.

"Fuck dude that's a lot of girls." I whisper to him in his ear so he can ear me.

"Yeah it gets worse sometimes." He says back and I nod.

"Michael will you sign this for me?" A little girl around the age of 5 or so was with her mom and held out a picture of Michael on it and a pink marker.

He grinned at the little girl and took the stuff from her. "Of course! What's your name?"

"Bella!" She squeals and I can't help but coo at how cute she is. She's a small blond girl with really curly hair that up on a pony tale on top of her head and big blue/green eyes. She has on a little pink sundress with little black converse on.

"Okay." Michael writes something on it and hands it back to her.

"Thank you Mikey!" She says smiling big.

She then looks at me. "Hi there!"

"Hi." I say back as I try to get a close to Michael as possible so fans don't claw at me.

"Not to be mean or anything but who are you?" She asks tilting her head to the side with a wide smile on her face.

I bite my lip, "I'm Stevie."

"Stevie? That's such a pretty name! Are you Michael's girlfriend?" She says and my face heats up and Michael chuckles.

"Uh no. And thank you." I say and I hide my face in Michael's shoulder to hide.

"Bye Bella, we really have to get going." Michael says grabbing my hand and I hide my face with my hair and my hand that's not holding Michael's for dear life.

We finally make it to the car and hop in. "Jesus, that was hectic."

"Yeah. I know. Okay off to the mall!" Michael says as he starts the car and I laugh.














After a long ass drive to the mall, (it felt like a whole fucking life time) we park and get out, smiling as the place isn't crowded.

I get out and Michael comes over to my side of the car and waits for me. I smile as he hooks his arm around mine and we walk to the entrance.






"Ooh! Michael look at this shirt!" I yell over at Michael and he rushes over to me.

I show him the shirt that says "I'm Cool Like That." And it's got a hood attached to it and pockets.

"I like it. I bet it would look good on you." He says and I nod my head agreeing with him.

"I'ma go try it on." I say walking over to a lady and going into a dressing room.

I put it on and smile at the full length mirror. It fits really good actually.

I'm about to take it off when there's a knock on the changing room door.

"Yes?" I ask.

"I wanna see you in it!" A whine comes from the other side of the door and I roll my eyes at the child.

I open the door and almost bump into Michael as he's right there.

"Whao. Sorry." He mumbles backing a small step back.

"So? How's it look?" I ask posing and he laughs.

"It looks pretty good on you. Now try these things on!" He throws a bunch of random clothing articles at me. I just barley catch them.

I sigh and walk back into the change room.

I take out a random light blue dress and wonder what the hell Michael was thinking. It's strapless and and has a heart neck line. It comes about mid thigh and it has thin layers of that see through crap. It's actually really pretty. Michael's got good taste.

I shrug and put it on. It hugs all my curves really well if I must say.

"I wanna see all of them!" He shouts from the other side and I groan.

I open the door and Michael's eyes light up as he takes in the blue dress on me.

"Wow you look amazing Stevie. Luke's an ass for not seeing how great you are." He says and I blush looking down.

"Thanks Michael." I say and smile at him.

I'm about to change by Michael grabs my hand and pulls me back, and makes me spin. I laugh as Little Things comes on randomly and he slowly makes us dance to the song.

"Dude, your such a dork!" I say laughing as he spins us around almost making us fall over.

"Yeah so are you though!" He says between his own laughter.

"Your the one who's making me dance in the middle of a store." I point out smirking.

"But you could have just said no." He says and my smirk slips away as I playfully glare at him.

I laugh at him as I punch his shoulder. "Fuck you."

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