That Boy

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  • Published: 21 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 19 Mar 2018
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Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


4. Irwin

"Wow. Good thing I don't mind getting my picture taken." I say leaning my head back against the seat. I hear Luke chuckle beside me. I glance at him and the I look back out my window at the passing world.

We drive for a while and we come up his house. I get out making sure the beanies still placed securely on my head. I hear a couple snaps of a cell phone or some sort of hand held device. Luke comes over and and wraps and arm around me. We walk to the door and go inside.

I put the sunglasses on top of my head and take my shoes off. Luke does the same and we walk over to the couch. Luke sits and pulls me down on him and wraps his arms around my waist, I tense a little.

He rubs his hands up and down my arms making my skin tingle.

He puts his mouth right by my ear and whispers "How do you feel about this? All of this?"

"To be honest, I don't know what to think at the moment." I sigh leaning back into him. He rests his chin on top of my head and arms around my waist.

"Well, the media can be a cruel, harsh world." He whispers, sending shivers down my back. I turn to face him, still in his lap.

"I don't mind. They can say what they want. They don't know me." I say looking in to his eyes. He runs his fingers threw my hair and I let a sigh escape my lips.

"Your stubborn. Yeah know that?" Luke whispers so softly, that I barley heard it.

"Do I look like I care?" I say giving him a small soft smile. I put my hands on his chest and draw random stuff, making him shiver.

"No. Not really." He says. He leans in and my breath hitches in my throat. I lean in. Our lips lightly brushing each others when we get intrupted.

"Well then. Luke, who's your lady friend?" A voice says from the door. I burry my face in Luke's shirt and I can feel him chuckle.

"Hey Ashton. How nice if you to come by." Luke says sighing. Ashton. Uh. I look up and see Ashton Irwin. He sees me and he gives me a bright smile. I give him a little smile but then I look down at my hands witch are still on Luke's chest.

I just noticed how we must look to Ashton. Me on Luke's lap, straddling him, on a couch, alone in an empty house. Okay was alone.

"Are you going to introduce me? Or am I going to have guess?" Ashton says crossing his arms. When Luke doesn't answer Ashton starts his guessing.

"Okay.... Well, you look like a Bell, but you kinda also look like a Jessica...... But something in my gut is telling me it's not any of those...... It starts with...... S! Right?" Ashton says. I nod my head and he jumps up fist pounding the air.

"Okay. So it's starts with an S...... Um..... Sally..... Suzy...... Sof- Stevie." Ashton says looking at me with a complete serous expression. Wow.

"Um, how did you know?" I ask, shifting my body so I'm more comfy.

"I don't know how I know you, I just do some how." When Luke shoots Ashton daggers Ashton sighs "Chill mate, I'm not going to swoop in and steal your girl."

"Um, we're not..... Um." I say scratching the back of my neck as Ashton gives me a confused face.

"Your not dating?" Ashton says his eyes going wide.

"Uh no." I say as Luke starts playing with my fingers. He try's to make them fight each other. I smile at the idiot.

"Oh. Well then. So if your not dating anyone or anything of that sort, does that mean your free to date?" Ashton says winking at me. I giggle and I feel Luke tense up. I ignore it and continue to giggle at Ashton.

"I guess." I shrug my shoulders giving Ashton a small smile. Where's all this coming from? Oh right. He's a guy.

"Sweet. Well, it was nice talking to you Luke, I just came by to drop off the movie I borrowed the other day. Oh and it was lovely to meet you Stevie." Ashton says to me as he kisses my hand. Luke tenses under me. Again. Ashton waves at us and then walks out the door.

"You know, you don't have to be so tense, right?" I say running my hands along his stomach. What? I'm bored. I do weird things when I'm bored.

"Why shouldn't I be? One of my best friends is hitting on you." Luke says, his eyes meeting mine.

"So. It's fine. I don't mind. I've never actually been hit on before, so I don't know what to expect." I say looking down not meeting his gaze.

"Really? You think it's fine that it's okay for people to constantly hit on you, trying to get you to sleep with them?" Luke looks at me and his face shows pain and a little bit of shock.

"No. If cores not. I'm not a slut Luke. People may call me that, but like I said before, they don't know me. Nothing about me." I say getting up. I walk up the stairs ignoring Luke's protests and excuses, and into his bedroom. I shut and lock the door behind me, sliding down it as my head leans against it.

What the hell just happened? Wait, nothing! Ashton was just being friendly and then Luke gets all pissy. What's his deal.......

I don't want to face him. I get up and go over to his bed. I crawl in and pull the blanket over my body. I lay my head on his pillow and sigh.

Today's just been, odd I guess you could say.....

Luke never once came up stairs to talk to me or anything, I don't know if I should be upset about it or happy that he's leaving me be for a while.

I guess I'll figure it out in the morning.......

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