That Boy

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  • Published: 21 Feb 2014
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Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


48. "Holy crap that's cold."

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Stevie's POV

"When did my life become so crazy?" I ask myself, Michael looks up from his phone and gives me a look of sympathy even though he has no idea what's going on.

The lady said the nurse will be with us soon. She said that five minutes ago.

I start to fight in my seat. "Maybe this was a bad idea, maybe we should go."

Just a I go to get off the bed to leave, the door opens and a different lady comes in making me pale.

Well shit can't get out is this now.

"Hi I'm Dr, Drew." The lady says. She looks to be in her early 30's.

"I'm Michael and that's Stevie Rae." Michael says and she smiles.

She's got blonde hair up in pony tale and friendly smile that makes me trust her right away. "Hi, so what seems to be the problem?"

She looks at Michael after I don't say anything for a second.

"Don't look at me I've got no idea." He say putting his hands up.

Her eyes to back to mine and if even possible her eyes go even softer then before.

"You can trust me." She says and I bite my lip looking over at Michael before taking a deep breath.

"I, uh. I took a test and I just wanted to be sure." I say nervously as Michael looks confused and the doctor nods her head.

"What kind of test are we talking about?" Dr. Drew asks.

I gulp. "Um a pregnancy test...." I mumble loud enough for her to hear.

She smiles at me and pats my leg. I don't even look at Michael.

"Okay. I'll be back." She tells me before leaving the room shutting the door behind her.

I can feel Michael stare burning into my head.

I sigh as look to meet his shocked and slightly confused expression.

"What?!" He blurts out and I roll my eyes.

"How? I didn't think you and Luke actually slept together." He says and I bite my lip looking down.

"It's not Luke's....." I sigh running my hand through my hair.

"What? When did you....." He trails off smirking while making motions with his hands making me chuckle. "Get it in?"

I blush deep red and cover my face with my hands. "I don't want to talk about this unless I know for sure."

He sighs. "Fine." He leans back in his chair going back on his phone.

After a few minutes Dr. Drew comes back with a bottle making Michael look up confused.

"Okay so I'm gonna need you to lay down and lift your shirt up." I raise my eyebrow but do as told. Michael comes over and stand beside me.

"Here let me help you." Michael says grabbing the hem of my shirt and starts pulling it up, I hit his hand when he pulls it up a little far making him laugh.

"Okay Stevie Rae, this is gonna be cool." She says before putting some of the bottle shit on me.

"Holy crap that's cold." I jump a little making Michael laugh even harder.

I glare at him. "Fuck off Michael."

Dr. Drew laughs at us as she puts a wand like thing on my stomach before moving it around.

"Okay. So I've got your real answer." She says smiling at me.

Michael sees how nervous I am so he comes over and take my hand.

"Congrats. Your a month pregnant."

I feel my self go even paler and I look to see Michael with a blank expression.

"Do you want pictures?" She asks and I bite my lip finally nodding.

She looks at Michael. "Are you the dad?"

Michael goes red in the face and coughs. "Um no."

"Oh I'm sorry." She says looking a little awkward. But probably not as awkward as we feel right now.

She cleans me up and walks out the room telling us she's going to get the pictures.

"Okay now do you want to explain?" Michael says and I shake my head.

"No but I'm gonna have to at one point. I'll tell you in the car." I say and he nods his head.

Dr. Drew come back and hands me an envelope.

"Sorry if it's not the news you wanted to hear." She says and I give her a weak smile before walking of the room and down the hall and out the doors of the waiting room, not even bothering to see if Michael's following.

I get to the car and Michael unlocks it. Guess he wasn't that far behind.

I climb in and we just sit there.

"Okay Johnson. Time to explain."

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