That Boy

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  • Published: 21 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 19 Mar 2018
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Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


30. He Doesn't Know

Ashton's POV

I glance over at Stevie, trying not to make it noticeable to anyone, as she does the work her teacher assigned the class. She bites her lip, and furrows her eyebrows as she looks like she's stuck on a question.

My phone goes off and without looking at who it is, I answer.

"Yellow?" I ask.

I can feel the other person roll there eyes at me. "Yellow? Seriously? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard."

I shrug my shoulders but then remember he can't see me, then I also remember what he did to Stevie, and then I also remember that he doesn't know that Stevie and us know what he did.

"Whatever. What do you want anyway Lucifer?" I ask trying to keep from yelling at him from what he did was the stupidest thing ever and no one can ever beat Stevie.

"Can you get Michael, Calum and Stevie? We're leaving in 50 minutes to catch our plane to leave." He says then adds "Hey! Don't call me Lucifer."

I chuckle but it seems more forced then anything "Right. Yeah okay bye." I say then hang up.

Stevie gives me a confused look and I glance at the time and see there's still a couple more classes after this. Well fuck me.

I motion for Stevie to come here and she comes over confused. "Yeah?"

"Get your stuff ready, we have to leave." I tell he while I buzz down to the office.

"Hello?" They ask in a bored tone.

"Yes um. Hi this is Ashton Irwin in classroom B5. I have to leave to catch a plane so if you could send someone down right away that'd be great thanks." I say and Stevie packs up her bag and stuff.

"Oh of coarse Mr. Irwin!" She says perking up.

I end it and grab my phone from the desk and shove it in my pocket.

I look at Stevie an she gives me as light nod.

"Where are you going Stevie?" Someone asks as we both turn around. It's her friend, Bella I think.

"Oh. My mom texts me telling me to come he and help her, she's sick." She lies but you can see the guilt in her eyes.

"Oh. We'll hang after school right?" She asks and Stevie shifts from one foot to the other.

"If I'm not busy, yeah totally." She says giving her fiend a smile. Bella returns it then they wave bye to each other as we walk into the hall.

I grab her hand and pull her towards the exit to where my car is. I open the door for we and she flashes me a smile and I follow her towards my car. I open the door for her again and she giggles while rolling her eyes.

I go over to my side an hop in, stat the car and drive off to her house.

"Oh fuck. Call Calum an Michael and tell them that we have to be at the air port in 30 minutes." I tell her as I hand her my phone.

"I could have used my phone yeah know." She says while dialling and putting it up to her ear.

"Yeah hey Mikey. No you idiot. It's Stevie. Moron. Get ready, you and Calum both. We've got a plane to catch in 30 minutes." She says. She rolls her eyes at something Michael says, it's probably stupid or dirty, or both.

She chuckles then says bye and hangs up.

"God he could talk my ear off if I let him." She says running a hand through her messy hair.

She turns in the radio and Story Of My Life comes on and she laughs. I smile at the sound of her laugh, god it's amazing.

I look at her and she's dancing in her seat and I bite back a laugh.

"The story of my life, I take her home I drive all night to keep her warm and time is frozen!!!!!" She sings out and I can't help but laugh.

"Very good Mrs. Johnson." I say and she grins at me. God her smile is brilliant.

I can't believe Luke would do anything like that to someone who's amazing in every single way. I'm gonna have a long talk with him, when he finds out that we all know that is.

We pull up to her house and see her moms home. I haven't met her mom yet, so this'll be fun...... I hope.

Stevie gets out and I follow her. We walk in and her mom looks up from stirring a cup of something, I think it's tea, not sure though.

"Stevie, what'er you doing home so soon? School doesn't end till 3:00?" Her mom asks then her gaze gifts over to me and her eyes widen then narrow.

"Stevie? Who's this?" Her mom asks an I become a little scared. Yes I'm almost 20, but whatever don't judge me.

"Oh. This is Ashton." She says then walks to her room, I don't want to be alone with her so I quickly follow her. I shut the door behind me and I turn to face her my eyes go wide but I don't turn or look away.

She walks over and throws her shirt in the laundry. So she's got no shirt on as she walks over to her closet and scans through it.

"Um." I awkwardly cough, trying to get her attention.

She turns and smiles at me, not looking the but fazed by this.

"Yes?" She asks and I blink and and look away.

"Um, your not fazed by this? At all?" I ask finally looking back at her face. Okay I'm trying.

"Nope." She says popping the 'p'.


"Because give already seen me naked so this is nothing." She says shrugging turning back to her closet and my face heats up. That is get true and a great answer.

"Right. So if I'm not embarrassed to show you my body you shouldn't be embarrassed to show me yours, even though I've already seen it all, so that just means there's nothing to hide or be ashamed of." She says and I try to get my brain wrapped around all that she said.

Okay. I think I get what she's trying to tell me.

I think.

She grabs her bag an throws radon stuff in it and I furrow my eyebrows. "I thought you already packed?"

"I did. This is an extra bag. It's not just clothes ya know." She says shaking her head at me and I roll my eyes.

She puts a sock money in the bag and I take it out showing her it.

She sees it and blushes while snatching it away from me.

"Don't judge me." She says while putting the colourful monkey back in the bag.

I laugh as she packs other things.














"Do you have everything?" Her mom asks for what seemed like the hundredth time.

"Yes mom. Jeez. I've got to go now." She says. Her mom glares at me. She's not very fond of me right now..... She gives her mom another hug and kiss then we finally leave.

Her mom didn't mind the fact that I took her out of school, only she cared when I was in the same room as her daughter while she changed.

Hello! Not like I have seen her body yet!

Yeah I'm not telling anyone that.....

We drive to the house and we get out. I see Stevie hesitate at the door and I realize why.

This'll be the first time she's seen Luke since he cheated. He just doesn't know that we know.


I open the door and we walk into the living room, once we enter all eyes turn to us, including Luke's.

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