That Boy

Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


31. Grinning Like A Fool.

Stevie's POV

I follow Ashton out of the car and I feel my stomachs do flip flops. I don't know if I'm ready to face Luke.

Ashton notices and gives me a reassuring smile and opens the door and we both walk in.

As Ashton shuts the door, all eyes turn to us including Luke's. I meet his eyes and he smiles at me and I smile back.

Okay, if he doesn't confess to me then I'm confronting him. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

He gets up and wraps his arms around me and I do the same, not wanting to seem off or suspicious.

"God I missed you, yeah it's only been a few days or so but whatever. I was so lonely and bored." He mumbles into my hair and I feel my heart thump loud.

"What did you do to keep you entertained?" I ask chuckling as I put a piece I hair behind my ear. He also chuckles but it sounds kind of nervous. Uh oh, bad sign.

Well, it's also a bad sign that he cheated but, oh fuck, you get what I mean.

"Oh you know, watched tv, went on twitter and followed and tweeted some people, Facebook, Vine, I even made a Keek because I was so bored. But I found stuff to keep me going." He says and I literally feel my heart breaking into pieces. Well. I now know how much you care. Thanks Luke.

I see Ashton glaring at Luke from behind. Luke doesn't seem to notice thank god.

"Well, that's good." I say and he lets out a long breath of air in a breathy laugh.

"Yeah. It was good." He says and I give him a fake confused look mixed with hurt. The hurt was real, because he basically just admired to cheating and that she was better then me, even if we didn't do it still.

His eyes go wide, "Wait, shit that's not what I meant at all."

I feel tears that threaten to fall and I look away and clear my throat. "It's fine Luke." I lie through my teeth.

"Stevie-" I cut him off.

"We better get going. Don't want to miss our flight. I'll be waiting outside." I keep my eyes glued to the ground as I walk out the door. I gently shut it behind me and I sit on the step as I put my head in my knees to keep my tears in.

I thought I could handle it but, I guess not. I let some tears slip and mentally curse myself for letting him in and for crying.

I wipe my eyes and cheeks and take a deep breath. Fuck this is going to be harder then I thought. Yeah I also slept with Ashton but, that was after I found out about Luke sleeping around with a ten year old. So we were already broken up, well in my mind we were.

I hear the door open and I don't bother to look up. I feel them sit down beside me and I see a mop of blond curls bounce.

"I thought I could handle it Ashton. I really did." I say letting a few more slip from the corners of my eyes.

"Shh. It's okay. He's an ass. You deserve so much better then him Stevie Rae." He says making me look at him. I sigh and close my eyes as I lean against his chest. Fuck what Luke thinks, Ashton's here for me when he's not.

"I trusted him Ash," I say trying to hold back a sob. He makes soothing sounds and pets my hair.

After a couple moments I pull back and run a hand through my hair and I wipe my face and eyes, once again.

Just as I finish kinda sorting myself out the door opens and the three other boys have there suit cases and bags.

I step aside and let them through a they throw there bags and stuff into the back of Ashton's car.

Luke flashes me a smile and I weakly give one back.

Ashton gets into the drivers seat and I get into the passenger seat making Calum pout.

The ride is silent and very awkward. I can feel the tension as if it's grabbing at me and pulling and tugging.














After a very long a awkward as fuck car ride, we finally pull up to the airport, Ashton getting out along with the boys.

I step out but Luke steps in front of me and throws his beanie on and sunglasses on my face and pulls my hood up. He lets his fingers linger on my cheek for a moment and I pray to God he doesn't lean in and kiss me, because that would just be weird and awkward.

I give him a smile and grab his hand and drag him over to our bags, it's the only thing keeping him from kissing me. For now anyway.

I grab my bags and he gets his as do the other boys.

"Lads, hey!" A guy says coming up to us, he looks like he's in his late 30s. The boys all smile at him and I just stand there awkwardly.

"Jeff, hey man." Ash says as he, aka Jeff, hugs them all and he gives me a smile,

"Who's this little flower?" He asks as Luke wraps an arm around me.

"This is my girlfriend Stevie Rae." He says and I inwardly flinch when he calls me his girlfriend. Usually it would make my heart beat and melt but now it makes me want to hurl and crawl into a ball.

Jeff raises an eyebrow with a confused face and I feel like I'm being stabbed over and over again.


"We don't have the time to chat Jeff, we've gotta go, see ya mate." Luke says firmly to him and I see Calum frown and shake his head at Luke as he pulls me toward a private jet. Why did we need to rush, I have no idea.

I glance back and see Ashton saying something to Jeff and handing him keys as Jeff looks at me then to Luke and he frowns shaking his head then he shoots me a small smile.

Maybe Ashton told him. I don't care really, I just hate it when people pity me. It really bugs me.

I've never felt so useless till now.....

I follow Luke into the jet and I take the very back widow seat.

Luke gives me a confused look and I just shrug him off with a small fake ass smile and with a lie saying something along the lines of "I'm just tired and need some space from boys." Mostly Luke.

When really, I just want to find a way to stop all the pain I'm feeling right now, but it seems like no such Luke.

I glance over at Luke and see him grinning down at his phone like a fool while making goo-goo eyes at it and he types back quickly then waits a few seconds before lightly chuckling to himself and typing back.

I blink as I just let the tears go and I close my eyes.

Maybe if I fall asleep, I won't wake up again.....

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