That Boy

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  • Published: 21 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 19 Mar 2018
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Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


7. Everywhere


He pulls me into a small closet and pins me up against the wall and out of the blue, his lips crash onto mine.

I close my eyes and kiss him back. Where is this coming from? I don't know. Do I care? No not at the moment.

I wrap my arms around his neck and tangle my fingers in his hair. His beanie falls off his head and onto the ground. He takes mine off and throws it on the ground with his and runs his fingers threw my hair, he pulls back and leans his forehead on mine.

"I was such an ass. I'm so sorry." He says panting. I look up and his eyes are shining. I lean in and kiss him again.

His hands go to my waist and pulls me closer. As if the wall didn't do a good enough job......

My hands go to his chest and then he deepens the kiss and bites my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I decline and he lifts me up and I gasp and put my legs around his waist. He sneaks in and our tongues fight for dominance. Him sadly, winning.

He puts me down and we pull back again. Both of us breathing heavily. I look down and put a piece of hair behind my ear.

"I should really go. I'm still at school." I say remembering. Oh crap. I'm still at school. I slowly open the door and see no ones there. I step out and Luke follows. I run a hand threw my hair and Luke hands me the beanie again and he puts his on.

I walk out and I can hear Michael and Calum talking to the crowd. I guess we weren't in there that long. Good thing to.

I start to walk toward the door, only to be pulled back and pined against Luke's chest. I hug him back and he kisses the top of my head. I pull away and smile at him.

I walk out and Bella sees me and she runs over.

"That was amazing! I didn't know you could act so good?!" She says while jumping up and down.

"Calm da fuck down. It was just acting. It's not like I'm the girl he pissed off royaly." I say to Bella lying to her and me. It wasn't acting. None of it.

"Yeah but it sure seemed that way to everyone." She says laughing then adds with a confused smirk, "Where did you and him run of to after anyways?"

"Oh. He just wanted me to meet Calum and Michael. And to tell me how good I was at acting." I say trying no to stutter or show anything that screams "I'm lying!".

"Oh. What about Ashton? You met him to right?" She asks. Shit! Forgot about him. Woops.

"Um yeah. Him to." I say pushing my hair out of my face.

"He seems really nice. And cute." Bella says nudging me.

"Yeah tell that to Josh." I say laughing as she playfully glares at me.

Josh is Bella's long term boyfriend. There soooo cute together. They've been together for 2 and a half years now and still going strong.

"Right. And so who's your boyfriend? No one. I have someone for valentines day at least." She says laughing as I punch her in her arm.

"Yeah yeah. I'm a sore loser. I got it. I have no one for valentines day." I say and someone pokes me in my side and I turn to see Luke chuckling.

"Hey sore loser. Who's your friend?" He asks. I roll my eyes and turn back to face Bella. Who's eyes are as big as saucers.

"This is Bella. And I'm not a sore loser." I say crossing my arms. Yes I did just call myself one but only I can call myself it. No one else.

"What ever you say. Hey. I'm Luke." Luke says holding his hand out to Bella. She shakes it looking dazed. I laugh at the look on her face.

"Bella." She whispers while letting his hand go.

"What are you doing here? Everyone's going I notice you." I say turning my face toward Luke who's now standing behind me, resting his chin on top of my head.

"Your short." He says randomly. I pull away turning to him pouting.

"I am not." I complain. Luke just chuckles.

"Oh and I won't be noticed. Ash and Michael am Calum are making sure of it." He says. I look and see the boys doing random stuff about bullying and shit like that.

"Oh. When are you guys leaving? Am I ever going to go back to class or am I stuck with you the whole day?" I ask.

Luke wraps his arms around my waist and puts his head on my shoulder and whispers in my ear, "Your stuck with me." Sending shivers down my body.

Then I remembered that he has a 'mystery girl'. I pull away earning a confused look from Luke.

"So, Luke you wanna let me know who that mystery girl is?" Bella asks flipping her hair out of her face. Luke gives Bella a confused look then his eyes widen as he remembers. Idiot......

"Oh right. Her. Sorry Bella. Not telling anyone." Luke says leaning against the wall. Bella pouts and crosses her arms.

"Well, do I know her?" Bella asks out of the blue. Luke's eyebrows raise and he looks at me with a smirk.

"Well. I don't know. Maybe." He says shrugging his shoulders.

"Well maybe I do know her, but we'll never know if you don't tell me." She says batting her eyelashes. See what she did there? Yeah, she does that to about...... Er Everyone. Even me.

"Sorry not saying anything." He says. I can a we he's getting nervous. I was just about to tell Bella to buzz off when we were saved by the dorks on stage. Or so I hope we're saved.

"And there are our favourite 'fake' pissed off couple!" Ashton says as the all the grade nines attention is turned to Luke and me. Yep. Not saved. He just made it worse. Thanks Ash.

Luke smiles and waves as girls close to us scream. Bella went off somewhere. Probably to find Josh or something like that.

I slowly try to sneak away only to be pulled back by Luke. Great. Girls scream and cry an try to claw at us. Even at me. Luke try's to drag me to the stage, but when I stop he sighs and lets me go. I smile as I turn to walk away but he picks me up by my waist and throws me over his shoulder.

"Seriously?! Is this really necessary?!" I shout at him. He just laughs. Yeah. Laughs.

We walk up the stairs to the stage and stop when we come to Michael, Calum and Ashton. But he doesn't put me down.

After a minute of him not putting me down, I realize I'm not getting down anytime soon. So, might as well have some fun.

I know I'm taking a big risk, but c'mon! It'll be fun! I hope anyway. Or it could all just back fire at me.

I push my self up so that I'm facing Luke. He looks up at me and I smirk down at him.

I lean in and whisper things into his ear, making him do.... Some.... Well......Funny things I guess you could say.

First he shuddered then he gulped then after he turned red as a tomatoe, then he griped me tighter and then he became very, very nervous. It was a sight to see. Actually it was hilarious!

I pull back and see him looking everywhere but my eyes. And I mean everywhere.

I bite my lip to keep from bursting out laughing. Well, I was at least. Beside me Michael, Ashton and Calum are all dying at Luke's responds.

Luke finally meets my eyes and a smirk makes it's way onto Luke's face, uh oh.

I give him a confused look witch only makes his smirk grow. Oh shit.

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