That Boy

Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


50. "Don't laugh."

Stevie's POV

Whatever. I just need some sleep. I've had such a crazy and rough day. Sleep is badly needed.

I shake my head as I jump off my bed and down the stairs. I go into the kitchen and take out my scooby doo glass and fill it up with my orange juice.

I take a sip and sigh. I look at the drawing of the goofy smiles on their faces. Can I be that happy? I mean, I use to be always happy. Now I feel like I just cry all the time.

I drink the rest of my juice and put my cup in the sink. I then shut the lights off and make my way up the store ignoring the eerie feeling I've got.

I go to turn the lights off at the bottom of the stairs but stop once I hear a noise from the kitchen.

I freeze on the spot and I feel a chill go up my spine.

I quickly shut the light of and rush up the stairs as quickly as I can and I hear my heart pounding in my chest as well as the blood rushing in my ears.

Almost at the top, holy fuck when did we get so many steps?

I feel a hand grab me ankle and I fall, I scream as it pulls me down the stairs and I fight to get away.

"No! Stop- what are you-?! Ah! Let me go you bastard!" I yell and I feel tears go down my cheeks.

They yank me and throw me down the stairs, I cover my head as I fall harshly down the stairs to the bottom.

I whack my head against the wall and my hand goes to the back of my head.

I feel something warm on my finger tips and I take my hand away and gasp when I see blood.

"Wha-?" I get cut off by being pulled up roughly by my hair and I cry out in pain as I try to get the person to let go.

"Please let go." I sob out and they chuckle darkly.

"Oh sweetheart. Not gonna happen." And I feel a sharp pain in my stomach making me cry out louder and I drop to the floor.

They laugh and I faintly hear there shoes hit my hardwood floor as they leave.

I gasp as I try to sit up but groan as the pain gets worse. I look down and see blood seeping through my shirt.

"Oh fucking hell." I say out loud and I look for a phone. My eyes land on the house phone that's in the end table a few feet away from me.

Just why does my mom have to be gone wen all the bad shit happens to me.

I drag my self over to the phone while trying to not scream in pain as I bleed out on the floor.

I try to reach up for it but I just miss it. I look around quickly and find a pillow close by and hit it with it.

The phone falls close and I fight to keep my eyes open. I dial a number I know by heart and I my breathing comes in tagged breathes.

"Stevie, do you know what time it is?" A sassy voice says and I smile a little, but cry out in pain.

"Stevie?" He asks sounding panicked. "Stevie hey, answer me." He says and I groan in more pain.

"Help me." I say with a sob. "Cal- please hurry." I say and I hear him moving quickly and then something falls over.

"Ow oh shit." He curses and I chuckle but groan in even more pain when I do that.

"Stop laughing Stevie." He says sternly and I go to laugh again but gasp out.

"Then stop making me laugh." I say and I hear the car start on the other end.

"You at home?" He asks and I nod my head.

"Yeah. Please hurry it hurts so bad." I cry and I hear the car speed up.

"Please stay on the phone with me Stevie." He says and he sounds like he's on the verge of crying himself.

I sigh. "Cal, I'm so tired though." I say and I hear him gulp.

"To bad. Stay awake please." He says and I bite my lip to keep from laughing which would lead me to more pain.

"You almost here?" I ask getting more tired by the second.

"Yeh I'm down your road, where are you?" He asks and I get light headed groaning in pain.

"I pulled into your drive way I'm coming in now." He says I hear all this happening outside.

I hear the door open. "Stevie?" I try to get up but gasp in pain.

I see Calum and his gaze lands on me and I cough. His eyes widen and he rushes over to me.

"Stevie! Oh my god what the hell happened?!" He ask holding me up as I lean against him. "No what? Never mind. We've got to get you to a hospital." He says picking me up bridle style.

He quickly goes grabs a blanket from the couch and presses it against my stomach.

I gasp. "It's to stop the bleeding a little." He tells me as he rushes out the door.

He puts me in the passenger seat and I grab his arm before he can run off to the drivers side. He looks a me with wide eyes. "What?"

"My front door. Lock it." I tell him making him chuckle and run and lock my door.

He rushes back and gets int he drivers seat. He starts the car and pulls out of my drive way and my breathing becomes even more shortened.

My eyes start to close and Calum sees this. "No, no, no! Keep those pretty eyes open." He scolds me and k try not to laugh.

But that doesn't work so I just end up gasping for more air into my abused lungs.

"Shit don't laugh you'll hurt yourself even more!" Calum yells and I hold onto the blanket and press it harder to my stomach.

Calum then gets out his phone and presses a bottom or two but stops. He places it down and the phone starts the tone dial as if it's calling someone.

"Do you know what fucking time it is Hood?!" I hear one of the most grumpiest people in the world on the other end.

"Fucking hell Calum go faster." I hiss it at him and he looks at me a little cared and Michael chokes on the other end.

"What the actual fuck?" He says and I groan in pain.

"Go after Calum, I can't keep my eyes open much longer." I say and I start to cry.

"Calum! What are you doing to the poor girl? Stop making her cry god damn it!" Michael says and I just sob out louder.

"Fuck off Michael. Just meet us at the hospital." Calum says and I continue to cry my eyes out along with my blood.

"Wait what. Why? What happened?" Well he's awake now isn't he?

"I- i don't know just meet us there." He says then hangs up.

I fight to keep my eyes open and they close without even realizing it but cum shouting makes me snap my eyes open again.

"Well fuck! Stay awake." He snaps and I groan in more pain. "Shit sorry don't hurt yourself anymore."

We pull up to the hospital and my eyes shut close for a final time as I hear Calum yell my name.

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