That Boy

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  • Published: 21 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 19 Mar 2018
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Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


34. Bone Crushing Hug

Fuck I'm so sorry that's it so damn short. My phones acting up and it won't let me edit it or anything so I'm also sorry for all the spelling errors and shit.

This has to be the shortest chapter ever. God I'm party I'll make the next one longer I promise.

I sigh as I fall back onto my bed. God, who knew shopping was so tiring. Like, oh my god.

"I'm so tired." I groan rolling on to my side as I see Michael playing on his phone on his bed. He looks up and grins then shakes his head looking back down at his phone. Probably on Twitter.

"Then sleep." He says like it's the most obvious thing ever. I glare at him.

"No it's only 6:38pm. If I sleep now it'll screw up my sleeping patterns." Yeah we've been out that long.

"Well sorry, didn't know it meant that much to you." He says mocking me and I flip him the I get as I here someone knock on the door.

I bounce up and off my bed and Michael stops me. "Uh you really want to open that? Ash just tweeted-"

I it him off opening the door and being engulfed into a bone crushing hug.

I look over my crushers shoulder and see Luke still on his phone, not even paying attention to me or what's going on around him.

I hide my face in the crook of my crushers neck and squeeze my eyes shut.

He let's go of me and I notice it's Ashton, I should have known god now I feel stupid.

I pull him over to my bed and we sit on it while Calum and Michael gather around on Michael's bed and I see that Calum's got the laptop.

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