That Boy

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  • Published: 21 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 19 Mar 2018
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Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


19. Ahh, Must Be Luke....

"What's your name? Wait. Aren't you that girl who was pissed royally at Lucas?" He asks a smirk on his face. I suppress an eye roll but I cross my arms over my chest.

"Yes. I am. What would you like? Sense your suppose to tea-" I get cut off by his phone ringing. He furrows his eyes rows at it but then smile pressing the answer button..







Michael's POV

I knock on the class room door and the teacher walks over and opens it, a smile forming in her face at the sight of me.

"Everyone. I hope you all know who this is. He'll be talking to you for a while and, well, I'll just let him explain. He'll be teaching you today." She says and I hear someone snort and Someone else giggle as the teacher leaves, allowing me to step in the room.

I step in and I hear a groan. I look up and my eyes go wide just for a second and I smirk at her. Ooh I'm going to love this class.

"Hi there. Can you, the girl who groaned out loud instead of in your head, yes you. Come here for a sec please." I say motioning to Stevie who glares at me but does as she's told.

She stands up and I hear her mumble something that has my last name in it. Oh well. Time for some fun.

"What's your name? Wait. Aren't you that girl who was pissed royally at Lucas?" I say trying to hide my smirk but I know I failing terribly at it. She crosses her arms over her chest and I can tell she wants to roll her eyes at me. Hell, I'd roll my eyes at me.

"Yes. I am. What would you like? Sense your suppose to tea-" She gets cut off by my phone going off. I fish it out of my pocket and glance at the screen, seeing who it is, I press answer.

"Why hello there." I say.

"Who's class are you in?" He asks and I look around trying to see if her name is anywhere. I look over at Stevie.

"What's your teachers name again?" I ask her and this time she does roll her eyes but a small smile creeps it's way onto her face.

"Mrs. Clustest." She says smirking at me proud that she knew something that I didn't. Girls. I will never understand.

"Mrs. Clustest class." I tell him and Stevie starts walking back to her desk and I can't seem to take my gaze off her, remembering how she looked only in Luke's shirt and her underwear. Damn it, not now Michael.

"Michael? Michael? Michael! God damn it Michael Gordon Clifford!" He yells in the phone and I finally snap out of it and glare at my phone.

I look back up to Stevie giving me a confused look.

"I don't think so. Get back here, I'm not done with you." I tell her and she shoots daggers at me and I just laugh.

"Hello? Michael I swear to god if you hung up on me I will-" I cut him off.

"What? I'm here don't get your knickers in a twist." I say and Stevie gives me a confused look and laughs.

"Right whatever. I asked you a question but you kinda zoned out on me." He says and my mind flashes back to Stevie. I blink a couple times before it can go back into, that.

"What'd you ask me?" I ask as Stevie looks bored out of her mind.

"I asked you if I'll like that class." He asks and I smirk as I check out Stevie full on, head to toe, not trying to hide it at all. "Oh trust me. You'll like this class." I hang up on him.

After a second her cheeks heat up and her eyes go wide. I walk over to her and whisper in her ear "What's wrong?"

She shudders and I know I've got her. Oh god, I'm already in love with this damn class.

"I just remembered the last time I saw you, I was only in my underwear and Luke's shirt." She whispers out and I just back away laughing as she glares.

"I'm so sorry, but that was just priceless. You should have seen both of your faces though!" I burst out without listening to the little warning bells in the back of my head telling me I went to far.

I stop laughing as she looks at me with wide eyes along with the rest of the class. Oh shit. Whoops. If I die in my sleep, we all know it was Luke.

"Okay. Um." I sputter out grabbing a chair from the side and plant it beside me. "Sit down here. Your going to help me through this thing."

She sighs and sits down. I grab the teachers chair and pull it up right beside her so our legs are touching.

"Okay. So for you people who don't know me, I'm Michael Clifford. I'm in the band 5 Seconds of Summer along with Ashton, Calum and Luke. I love pizza, video games, sleeping and girls." I tell them and I earn a chuckle here and there as Stevie just leans back with her arms crossed but a small smile on her face as she watches me.

My phone goes off and I see it's Luke again so I press ignore. He calls again and two more times after that but I decline all of them.

"Okay. I will answer some questions then I have something for us all to do." I say and Stevie's phone goes off suddenly. She looks at it confused then back at me, as if asking if she can answer it or not. I nod my head saying yeah.

She presses answer and holds it up to her ear.

"Hello?" She asks and you can hear the other person telling her something as she furrows her eyes brows then she glares at me.

Ahh, must be Lucas.

"Yeah he's here." She says. He talks for a second then I grab the phone from her hand as she glares at me again.

"Dude what do you want? I'm in the middle of a class." I groan throwing my head back.

"Why the fuck aren't you answering any of our calls?! Ashton's getting pissed at you." He says and I sigh. I grab my phone seeing a have tons of missed calls from Calum, Ashton and Luke. Oh great.

"Why's he pissed now? I didn't do anything. Well, that I know of anyway." I mumble the last part.

"God Michael I had to call Stevie just to get a hold of you. If you weren't teaching her class then she would have gotten into trouble." He tells me and I wonder how much does he actually like this girl.

"Why do you care about her so much?" I ask but regret it as soon as I hear Luke suck in a deep breath to start either a rant or to yell at me. Either way, I put it on speaker for everyone to hear. I put my finger up to my lips to signal them all to quiet as Stevie glares at me.

"I care about that girl to the moon and back a thousand times. I would hate it if she got hurt in anyway." I interrupt him knowin he'll kill me later for it.

"What if you hurt her." I say locking eyes with Stevie who's eyes are wide and kinda glossy.

"I would never hurt her Michael. Ever. I rather die then hurt her in any possible way. The band may be my everything but she's my whole world. The day that I bumped into her was the best day of my life, my life wouldn't be compleat without her." He says and tears start falling from Stevie's eyes and she quickly wipes them away before anyone notices.

"Did you finally grow a pair and ask her to be your girlfriend yet?" Yeah, yeah I just ruined a good little speech by asking is he grew a pair but oh well. I wanna know.

Stevie hits me on the arm and I chuckle.

"Yeah. Last night." Luke says and I can hear the smile in his voice. Then he adds "I already had a pair you ass." I chuckle. Yeah and I'm the ass.

I look at Stevie who has a silly grin on her face.

"Jeez Hemming's. It's about time. You've been talking about her none stop when ever your not with her." I tell him and her cheeks tinge pink, as I laugh at her face.

"Shut the fuck up Michael. Oh and when you get back, don't be surprised if Ashton's pissed and wants you dead." He says. We say our goodbyes and I hand her phone back to her. She snatches it out of my hand and puts it in her pocket.

"Okay. Now the questions will have to wait for tomorrow because I spent all our time together on the phone with some idiot I see all the time. Don't worry though. I'll be here again tomorrow for your first class. Oh yeah! Speaking of your first classes...... Your teacher told me to tell you guys something. It's in my pocket somewhere......" I say standing up and digging into my pockets for the damn piece of paper she gave me.

"Aha! I found it! She told me to tell you guys....... To come back here for your classes all from first period to your last one. Huh. So you guys are stuck in this class room all day tomorrow." I say then sit back down on the chair. I had to stand up to dig into my pockets because my pants are kinda tight.

"Why? Not that I'm complaining or anything but, just wondering." A guy asks as he checks out Stevie. Boy you better watch your back when Luke comes.

"Because you have four classes. Four of us boys will be in each of your classes. We rotate. And I wouldn't check Stevie out in front of the other boys or they'll grill you to the crisp." I tell him crossing my arms, smirking at him.

"Why? You got a thing for her?" He asks me and I raise an eyebrow at him. Dumbass.

"So tomorrow I'll be back first thing." I tell them, my gaze fixed on the idiot with a hard glare set in. Ignoring the question earning a confused glance from Stevie. Yeah I'm avoiding the question he just asked because I avoid myself from answering the same damn question everyday.

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