That Boy

Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


8. A Limo.

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Okay now it's my turn to gulp.

He puts me down but I'm still right against his chest so I can't get away or barley move. I breathe for that matter.

He leans down and very breathy says "Oh, just you wait, I'll get you back and when I do, your so dead."

My eyes go wide and I shudder which makes his grip on my get even tighter.

"Okay. Any questions?" Ashton asks smiling into the mic. Tons of hands go up and girls scream and cry out there names.

Uh. I wonder how long Luke and I have been like this. Awkward......

"Yes?" Ash says pointing to a girl and jumping off the stage and waking up to her. Uh. What so ya know. It's Gabby.

"What's your name?" Ash says holding the mic out to her. She blushes and puts a piece of hair behind her ear.

"I-I'm Gabby." She says.

"Well what's your question, and who's it for?" Ash asks.

"It's for Luke. And my question is who's the mystery girl?" She asks looking right at Luke. I feel him tense and sucks in a deep breathe.

"Well. She's called a mystery for a reason." Luke says scratching the back of his neck as I try to wiggle away but he's still keeping me tight against him with his other arm. Great. Still can't get away.

Luke notices that I'm trying to get away and he smirks at me. I playfully glare at him.

"Don't think that just because the blond girl asked me a question doesn't mean that I forgot what you did to me. I will never forget it." He says in a really low, raspy voice. God he's so hot.

I'm loosing it. Oh sweet baby Jesus....

I look up at him and our eyes meet and they hold. I'm so tempted to kiss him right here and now. But I know that would end really bad do both of us.

He starts to lean down toward me and my breath hitches in my throat. Jeez okay so I thought about kissing him and now here he is, leaning into kiss me.

"Dude! No kissing the Mystery in front of everyone!" Calum hisses at Luke. Luke blinks a couple times and slightly shakes his head chuckling. I blush and look down.

"Right. Next question!" Ashton says jumping up and down. Then all of a sudden Luke's phone goes off.

"Put it on speaker for everyone to hear!" Michael says running over to Luke and me. He sighs and presses speaker and answer. Ashton hogs over I us and holds the mic in the speaker so everyone can hear.

"Hey dude! What's up?" A voice says from the other end. Wait. I know that voice.

Everyone looks around confused on who's speaking.

Ahhhh. I know who it is.

I grab the phone from Luke only earning a dirty look from him. I finally manage to pry him off me and I walk away from him.

"Hiiii! I have a question for you. What do you know about Luke's mystery girl. And don't give us her true name if you no it." I say into the phone. But I whisper the last part so no one can her me.

"Um. Okay? Who is this?" He asks.

"I'm a friend Luke's." I say hoping he won't press on.

Luke comes up behind me and holds the mic so everyone can hear again.

"Right okay. So about his mystery girl...... I heard that she's really hot. And that her name starts with an S. Oh an she love animals and is only in high school." Wow. TMI. But I guess it comes naturally for blondes to be loud mouths

Jeez. Anyway...... "Is that all?" I continue. I really hope he doesn't know that much.....

"Oh and she's a really good singer. Well according to Luke anyway." He says chucking. Okay so, he doesn't know everything. I love to sing but I can't sing to save my life.

"Right. Thank you." I say into the phone.

"No problem. Tell Luke I have to come over later and chat with him about something." He says. We say bye before Luke can do or say anything. I smirk and hand his phone back over.

He grabs his phone but grabs onto my hand tightly and pulls me right into his chest again. I gasp.

The other hand goes to my waist.

"Okay! Holy mother of god! Look at the time!" Ashton says his eyes almost popping out of there sockets. I stifle a giggle as he glares at me.

"We really have to go. It was nice coming and talkin to you guys, but we seriously have to go." Michael says as they all run off stage.

I turn to walk down the stairs back to where Gabby is but a hand grabs me and jerks me the other way. I sigh in defeat.

I let who ever is dragging me take me where ever. I see it's Luke and he pulls me in the back of a limo. A limo. Holy shitalky mushrooms.

He shuts the door behind him and pulls me to him. I rest my head on his chest and he wraps his arms around me and I listen to his heart beat, as it Lulls me into a peaceful sleep.

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