Finding Naula

13 year old Naula Jefferson was taken from her family on the night of September 8th 2010. When local agent had closed the case in 2012. 2 years later an agent by the name Burrel was looking through the case files and demanded to know why they closed the case. Will they ever find Naula? Or will she be stuck there till the day she dies?


2. taken

Naula shooed her mother out and climbed into bed.

"Goodnight moonkey."Naula kissed her stuffed monkeys head and fell asleep.

Awoken by an alarming sound, Naula kept her head under her blanket. She heard someone or something grumble. Making a big mistake Naula called out.

"Mom? Is that you?" The sounds stopped and all you could hear were the tree crickets croaking.

Crick crock creek crook

Naula felt a hit breeze roll down her neck. She screamed at the top of her lungs. A cold smelly hand had groped her mouth. She licked his hand and but his fingers making him yelp. That gave Naula just enough time to get out of the way. She sprinted for the door only to find it locked.

"Mom!" She screamed. The man grabbed her by the hair and threw her across the room.

"Please. Please. I'm begging you!" Naula sobbed. Her mother was banging on the door. Naula's only way to escape was through the balcony. Knowing she wouldn't have time to open the balcony doors she slowly crept to the corner in a sad ways king the man think she was frightened. She positioned her feet and zoomed right past him. On her way she grabbed her monkey and broke through the glass. She climbed over the bars drenched in sweat. Her hands feeling clammy she held tightly on the bar, keeping the second thoughts first in line. As she looked back the man was inches close to her. Naula jumped off the balcony landing flat on her back. Gasping for air she slowly got up. Feeling dizzy she fell down hitting her head. The grass like a soft pillow just as she closed her eyes. And "slept"

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