Finding Naula

13 year old Naula Jefferson was taken from her family on the night of September 8th 2010. When local agent had closed the case in 2012. 2 years later an agent by the name Burrel was looking through the case files and demanded to know why they closed the case. Will they ever find Naula? Or will she be stuck there till the day she dies?


1. lost

"Naula darling. It's time for bed. I even let you stay up and extra hour." Ms. Gayles tisked.

"Awe, mom! Can I finish this episode of spongebob first!?" Naula pulled her hopes to high.

"No! Naula I said it's time for bed now shut that off and come here." Naula pouted as she searched around her butt for the remote. Giving up she hit the power button on the DVR and tv and walked to her mother.

"Promise me you'll listen tomorrow?" She asked as she held Naula's hands above her head. Naula made a sly smile and nodded.

"That am girl! Come. I'll be up after I finish these to pray." Naula grumpily walked up the steps shuffling into her room. Searching through her drawer for pajama Naula pulled out her favorite pair of pjs. She stuck on a pair of fluffy tye-dye socks and knelt down on the floor as she waited for her mother.

Hearing her moms footsteps patting up the steps she quickly grabbed her stuffed monkey and held it to her chest.

"You ready?" She asked. Ms. Gay led laid her hand on Naula's shoulder.

Dear lord, we gather by this bedside to bring you a prayer of faith. Bless this house with sweet dreams. We give you love each night. Bless my daughter as she goes to bed with peaceful wonderful dreams. Bless my son as he is all the way in Afghanistan fighting for us. Help us lord. We need you.


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