The Story of a Girl

This is the story of a girl who cried a river and drown the whole world. And while she looks so sad in photographs he absolutely loves her. But who is he?? Are there more than one???


1. Bio one: Lizzy Ross

Ello loves! I'm Elizzabeth Kira Ross! But pu-lease call meh Lizzy! I am 20 years old and l live with my best friend SJ! I don't eat very much but when It comes dinner I practically stuff candy down my throat. I have long brown hair and green eyes with a fair build. I am a dare devil, and a bad girl who can also be sweet and caring. My favorite game is truth or dare and call of duty 4. I listen to one direction and ed sheeran. I also sing and dance. I have to go SJ is being an obnoxious brat again... See you all later


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