The one

jade was 19 and was friends with Harry since birth when he left for the ex factor she had the worst life Harry loved jade more then ever but never told her same for jade but when jade is the daughter of one of there crew member and when he tells her he loves what happens next read to find out
*****has a lot of content ******** you have been warned


10. the surprise

********************the beging of fall********************

Jade p.o.v

as always we get redy for the tour were going to ny i loved my I used to live in New York after Harry left I was on Broadway so I got beter I herd that my acting couch is dirtying Katy was also in it but was an extra so I was happy she was in it so we were going to visit he helped me be who I am we walked in I gave him a hug hi mr.folko so did Katy ok we will help you find your Annie me and means mr .folko have the same mind wait god 1d is here they alway wanted to audition for a play but we won't be on broadway like a demo for your additions ok Harry be the bad one and Lois be the good one ok me and Katy then me and Niall Liam and zayn Harry Louis go first go tech ok see Lois dose Harry doesn't Niall doesn't I do Liam doesn't zayn dose and Katy you wanna be the role model I think you should ok they went there are 4 parts so will have the 4 groups perfect so guys do the first part Lois explain and do it k cool me and Katy will do second how abut Niall who wants to go Katy you'll and do the third part and Liam and zayn forth part k let's do it we did it and it was fun and we came out ok now let's see if you were paying attention let's start ok here what your name what part and your quilitea we said it once and everyone succeeded but 3 pepole were to shy so we had to say bye ok second part why do you want your charter and are you like your charter my mr .folko was surprised we went though that with ech person then song what song and so you have the book I did the talking he says if your in or not 80% says yes and preformed not a lot said no only 10% said no ok I played on the piono the boys were watching and told me what can I play I can play piano,guitar,flute,clarinet,drums,singing,violin,trumpet ,the tuba ,chelo,piccolo ,saxaphone , bassoon ,base,harp,xylophone,a dj stand and the harmonica I am luring to play the vocal pad witch is is a technology that makes the sound of every instrument in the world and the oboe there mouth open when your cousin dad owns a music store I can get free lessons In everything and also when your a wiz in music theory that helps a lot zayn says i wish we never asked and I had a lot off free time on me so yah it helps in the music life and Went back to help I wonder why didn't I get the lead lead because I am musicale talented in anything Harry came I just was confused he asked me and said maybe he doesn't know mr.floko knows all he comes over what the mater not all what the mater I want to know why that person got the lead come here that a rich man daughter he helps with the show if her daughter dose not get the part she wants he will put me out of bissness I know I wanted you to have it her voice is anoying and your musical talents were perfect I couldn't I am relly sorry so I am doing Annie or stufflike that becuse the lead is a little kids part ok I serously did want that ok thank you jade you will bring more then music to the worled with your talents thank you and good luck with the oboe it hard thank you mr.folko he knows all Harry he has musical powers and whoever belives get the best out of him he told sys that and I always belives still do he lauges ok so now what Katy says me and jade will go shopping with the girls ok bye we will be back in an hour bye he gose in his pity face bye bye I kissed him bye

zayn p.o.v

Vas heaping boys as they say hi I asked what do you wanna do Harry said ice cream ok we went to the ice cream store and we said our orders and guess who here the girl jade goes hey baby hey they look I said Harry and jade are a thing jade comes and said I think they fingered that out and hugged me tight bond I say we all best friends or more well wanna take a picture and put it on the wall we say yes we all took one and then each came and took one se prefer with each alone and Harry picks her up and her band did to as they got one of Harry trying to make out with her we all had fun ok I have to admit but Harry is all over her and she loves it like she the attention no one else but she not to pop cutler and magazines well I am getting jealous and time I speak up and speak out and I will so I took her to the side and speak my mind listin attention stealer what zayn I think Taylor is right she hired you yah sure I am an Taylor actress what next I am a ninja you can be wow you have no clue what sarcasm I get so mad at her I pushed her and said bitch and walked out

jade p.o.v

I don't know Harry leave me alone you know what do you think I am here from Taylor zayn dose I said I wasn't in a sarcastic way thinking it was a joke he pushes me and says by bitch and walks out I felt like crying that how my dad trated me I don't Evan know what set him off and Louis says your always grabbing attention from is to Harry I tear up listin I am not going to be In your way we all will not talk and there Niall says then it won't be fun you think they wanna have fun when I am around I just can't I felt like crying Harry geared up u guys just go agents me like zayn it beter for u and walked out I saw zayn smokeing zayn that not what I think it is zayn don't smoke it bad or your lunges ok what your telling me what tondo fine die will Gus's what i am trying to help you now can I ask you something why did you call me an attention stroller and bitch you know nothing abut me when my mom killed herself everyone turned in and my dad abused me really bad like hospital every week bad he tried to kill me and didn't though I was alone in music and Harry were my friends at the time when I was 18 I left for NYC and there I learned 5 different instruments went on Broadway and then my step dad brought me here wait what after my dad tried to kill me I called the cops and got a step dad and everything was good that's my life Harry thinks that's my real dad but it not I told him he got nicer you can't tell anyone PLESE fine now friends fine he says I walk back crying there one thing I kept my brother I don't know who he is and walked back hello your happy me and zayn made up I hugged them and said sorry if you thought was taking Harry from you and hugged them agin it I felt something on my neck no no no no I ran to the bathroom and felt the stitch that my dad did trying to kill me

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