The one

jade was 19 and was friends with Harry since birth when he left for the ex factor she had the worst life Harry loved jade more then ever but never told her same for jade but when jade is the daughter of one of there crew member and when he tells her he loves what happens next read to find out
*****has a lot of content ******** you have been warned


6. the studio

Harry p.o.v

We went to work now with my gf becuse simon gave her a contract she was working but in different rooms all she needs to do is make a cd and boom on your with us I also have to be good and yah he will let her so what I did was i was sneaking in she smiles and continues and he says why are you smiling I don't know just am then I went in and hugged simon and said this is why she smiling he said if you wanted to watch just come right in ok and I did so she had a rely god voice really pretty then he turned to us I herd that Taylor swift is coming to the studio so you might see her she on the 1 floor in the1 room just do not talk to her she coming in a minute to say hi to each room tell the guys and you will be with me then I say she just rolling with it she I tell the guys then a few minuets later she comes oh god hey Harry as I put jade behind me she a monster so we do not need trouble she comes in well who this hi I am jade well you should know who I am witch one are you dating will you get mad no Harry Nooooooo she Nooooooo she well I will see you around jade and remember keep an eye out he trouble wtf did you just do huh what do you mean you never herd of her dating well I did but I didn't believe people are saying your dating kindle from keeping up with the Kardashians well your not right of corse not I am kidding well back to work and she kisses me and said buy auger bye boo luv you same and leaves zany sits down you have problems why are you or not I am not dating kindle she a friend good because that can ruin your girlfriend remember girlfriends hart

Jade p.o.v

I thought I would have a word with that dumping boyfriend songwriting thinks she popular but not thinks she the better then me nope she dumps guys to write songs for inspiration then gets another guy like seriously nope she realised Harry song well2 of them trouble and r-v-e-n-g-e and is making one about me she says in an interview it was grate but when you mess around with me you and everyone gets trashed so I am not going there but I really want to 3 days from now I am going to am interview with the boys and they say get ready to share my life and personal things and I am ready

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