The one

jade was 19 and was friends with Harry since birth when he left for the ex factor she had the worst life Harry loved jade more then ever but never told her same for jade but when jade is the daughter of one of there crew member and when he tells her he loves what happens next read to find out
*****has a lot of content ******** you have been warned


7. the interview

Jade p.o.v

Had Boo boo and kissed me good morning what in my rasp yes voice aww we have to get redy for the interview so get redy ok I took a shower I put a wite shirt on with a black skirt with hells that have diamond with the necklace and wite and black feathered earrings after I had breckfest then for my make up I put white eye shadow, with mascara, and eyeliner ,light pink lipstick,and red blush I did what a normal girl would do but more since I am not anymore now for my hair was in a neat and tight bun is used a bun maker walk down the stars Harry gave me a look like he was the luckest guy in the worled look and we head out I caries a wite purse with studs they all kept commenting on the hells they never saw a girl in 13 inch hells well I were them all the time I wore hells since I was litel i am fine we got there they sat down in one choice I took a chir and Simon took the chair next to me and said our recruit Harry sat at the edge were I was then Louis sat between us by beging over Harry then literally tried to break us as I smile I whispered there airing they started slapping each other and said boys then let simon handle it as I sat like a lady they got there act together but it's Harry ,Louis,Liam,zayn,nail well that was an episode so this is jade I say I am jade hart and hi the reporter laughed your not scared nope do not need to be will Simon picked you actually he took me out if the show made me famous next question goes to Harry and jade are you to a thing yes and sits on me well did you give her anything yah I came to the reporter it a locket with me and him when we were little kids aww okay is anyone of you jealous that's private info then Louis says I am never mind and then pushes Harry off of me and sits on Harry for wing me to laugh okay relly jealous why becuse me and Harry have a bond not ment to be broken okay and you think is she going to brake it nope Harry says we will be best frinds always fusty Harry zayn says me and Simon look at echother moveing on I help Lois off the ground then Harry he sits in my seat and pulls me on him and kissed my cheek and puts his chin on my shoulder I say ok back to the reporter do you think Taylor swift is mad yes because she made 2 songs about Harry now about me I never herd the song so yah do you think kendal is Harry nope we are close friends that all and starts drawing on my shoulder with his finger soo how are fans taking you I think good becuse I would not afind a person even if I do not like them ok so who do u not like I am not stating a twitter fight it mean also it just hurts someone they clap Harry says in my ear good job thanks soo your a singer know what were you before I was an actress on broadway I did wicked I was the good witch Linda I thout it was fun becuse I have a lot a lot of frinds here so I can hang out with them from broadway ok who is still single we all point Niall yep I kinda have one of jade frinds in mind her name is Katey and she cute and I like her as I break the conversation I say wow so you have not asked Liam or zayn a question there apart of the band Harry chuckles it was an hour we went out took pictures and sighed things and in the limo harry says I am geting another Tattoo of what I do not know yet I will look fine you have a lot were are you puting it right there were you can see it ok it small then nope Harry you cuts me off I know what I want k bye he dropped the boys off at the house and took me we got there ok I want it to be a surprised ok so talk to this guy hii he talks this take an hour but whatever I checked twitter and Taylor's fans started something by say sing the rudest thing so I texted the boys they helped me blow this over but then the wanted got it and a couple peopled rom keeping up with the kardasins got in and it was just a big thing .

Harry p.o.v

I wanted to suprised because she getting a litel down abot Taylor I never put a name on me but she mine and it time I did i came out and I said I checked twitter babe it alright it sucks but it Its alright and showed her the tattoo and she frecked it was a hart then jade then another hart the harts were pink and the writeing was black script it was amazing she took a picture then a wile later posted it the lads said aww that cute you put her name on your arm aww they ether said cute or aww talor posted aww how sweet just the wrong person she not a saint she not what you think she totally playing you no I she not listen to my song it about her her eyes widen when we got home we all listened to it the choirs spoked me out it says"she not a saint and she not what you think she is an actress whoa she beter known for the things that dose in the mattress soon she gonna find out when stealing other pepole toys on the playground won't make him any frinds she should keep in mind she should keep In mind there nothing I will do beter then revenge ha " I say it a message she gonna plan something Boo I post listin I am sorry we did not work but stay away or she will give revenge over protective huh jade sit up and walks away boo she reads and comes back kisses me you guys are the best and huges the rest then comes back to me and brings me closer to her and just puts her chin on my shoulder and put her hands on my stomic and hives me and whispers your the best.

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