The one

jade was 19 and was friends with Harry since birth when he left for the ex factor she had the worst life Harry loved jade more then ever but never told her same for jade but when jade is the daughter of one of there crew member and when he tells her he loves what happens next read to find out
*****has a lot of content ******** you have been warned


4. my dream it .....

Harry came up and literally made out with me put a necklace on me says good luck tried agin but as always Louis runs and ruin the moment agin and drags him as he says booooo I love you me to and just laugh the rest say good luck simon said before I herd your were with the best of the best for vocalist yep I was Harry and me were friends so he gave me music lessons and thought me for 20 bucks and we took it so I would come over we do music I would pay then after we would just talk it was waiting to be called as they say good luck and goo I did and I sung the choirs of little me and Simon got up he says I want to do a recorded deal with you you do not have to go though all of this presur were I would have picked you from the start okay I will start the show but we are doing a record deal I stated crying as they asked they all came up and Harry comes runs and kissed me and tried to make out with me and he got it until Louis slaps him and huges me I say I think he is jealous as the boys hug me I skipped off the stage and started to sing and them after scream my guts out but you can still here me we went home and order nondos and watched old movies till we got bored I got an idea we ask echother Qustions and we have to Anserw truthfully then your alowed to ask why we asked k I will go frist Louis why are you so jealous of me and Harry ..

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