The one

jade was 19 and was friends with Harry since birth when he left for the ex factor she had the worst life Harry loved jade more then ever but never told her same for jade but when jade is the daughter of one of there crew member and when he tells her he loves what happens next read to find out
*****has a lot of content ******** you have been warned


2. meeting agin

Jade p.o.v

Jade my dad screams get dressed we are going to the airport to ride with 1d rember I am helping out with the concert it is also good for you to see Harry as I say ok wait Harry I screamed I loved him your right i say like the 19 year old I am I took a shower and put a sleeveless dress on wite on the top and pink on the bottom with a black strip smack in the middle even though it was a litel to high it was almost at my it at my thigh I am 19 but it wasn't and the bottom had a tutu kinda look but without the puffiness I wanted to show I am a relly girly girl so I can be with Harry so after I put my brown hair with blond tips in the back in a pony tail I felt like Arian Granada with the dress and the hair but besides the red I put pink eye showdow on with red lipstick and reddish-pinkish blush on with eyeliner and mascara then I put my pinkish whitish hells I packed my make up and had to go though the questions with my dad and he said okay let's go and we did we went to the airport and there was Harry his mouth open and walked up and gave me the biget Hug starting to regret wariness a dress infront of the boys I introduced my self Harry comes and takes me to the side and Harry asked you dad let you wear that um I am 19 I make my own decisions he just thnks of a backup plan and do not try anything funny we went on the plane I hugged and cuddled with Harry and Louis says oh if you 2 were a cupole you 2 would be perfect for each other Harry goas and kisses me and said we should I kissed him back and before we knew it we were together i knew Harry loved me.i knew I loved him Harry starts screaming yes yes really loud then my dad came over and said do not screw this up then everyone looked at my dad that it Niall says you just gonna he gets cut off I know Harry becuse my daughter told me much an I have met him he is a good kid Harry smirk and I know he would not do anything to her I just sat there Niall looking at the floor Louis texting his girlfriend Liam face time his and zayn calling his and Harry just siting there watching me put my chin on his shoulder and tracking one of his tattoos I kiss him and said I love you he says me to boo my nickname is boo it cute like you aww um yours will bee sugar aww cute Louis says and laughs I smacked him and went back to tracing one of his tattoos were I left off and I laugh I never knew a guy with this much tattoos he siad then you never met Louis okay haa he says

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