The one

jade was 19 and was friends with Harry since birth when he left for the ex factor she had the worst life Harry loved jade more then ever but never told her same for jade but when jade is the daughter of one of there crew member and when he tells her he loves what happens next read to find out
*****has a lot of content ******** you have been warned


3. geting a chance

Jade p.o.v

as we got off the plane I see simon when I was a little girl me and Harry had the same dream but one difference he was a little better then me in everything but one thing was music but he got better but he got his dream came true and I didn't so I thought maybe if I sing for simon I will get my dream to come true Harry says you had vocalist right yah well let's see if she thought you right umm Harry he goes to simon hi my lovely little girlfriend over here wants to become famous and would like to sing well not right now but later Harry Louis covers my mouth I I licked his hand do not do that ever agin I told him and said god seriously stops harray I just get off the plane and you already attack Simon let the man breath he came to pick us up well when we know someone good we tell that's his policy well how do you know I am good are you doubting yourself in his cutest voice he can god luv it when he dose it my dream came true we have the same dream it can come true and Evan you can come on tour with us would into you like to see me 24/7 like I would with the pouty face omg it so cuter then before when he dose that yes I would I guess but do not worried we'll be right there and I tell him not to go harsh and winks and walks away Louis screams he dose that zayn says and sits next to me um okay the craziness begins Liam's face timing laughing ,Niall eating all the food in the world ,Harry is trying to calm Louis down and got in a fight ,and zany taking a comb and a mirror making sur his hair is perfect the only normal one at the moment are simon and dad able use there just talking and I me just siting trying to process this In my mind as Simon says let's go we all got in a limo almost everyone asked who I was and Harry States my girlfriend haaa I just laugh as he put an arm around me pull me closer your mine teehee he so cute god I can not handle it I push is dimples and we kissed we got in the limo everyone started yelling at him and me and my dad just sat there I look and said well it ture he not lieing to the press and stared at me and stated screaming at Harry agin so I ignore I am texting one of my best frind she is in England so I will meet her and bring Niall I told him and no one else well I am going Niall you coming kissed Harry and we made out and left he said there probily fighting or acting like them self why did you bring me she single your single and she loves you from 1d soo it's perfect she has all the quiltes you told me you wanted in a girl soo yah we went to get cofee I love cofee cappuccino are the best we went out andreporters atacked me nail and my frind so they left me with no limo becuse they did not wait for me so I wated an hour for someone to pick me up I see Harry with his car and I told him and told me to get in I did thanks that's why I here and kissed him soo what are you going to sing for simon I don't know why when is it tonite were judges yay wait isn't that I am being on the x-factor yes you are okay what song umm I got it little me by little mix okay what are you going to wear you will see just I don't Evan know....

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