The one

jade was 19 and was friends with Harry since birth when he left for the ex factor she had the worst life Harry loved jade more then ever but never told her same for jade but when jade is the daughter of one of there crew member and when he tells her he loves what happens next read to find out
*****has a lot of content ******** you have been warned


5. every question has an answer

Louis p.o.v

So I was first to answer a question from jade and the question was why I was jealous of Harry and jade well I will tell you the truth because Harry he is really close and we do not need some little bitch ruining the band well she says with a tone I am a lovely person but I will tell you one thing I will become your worst nightmare Harry agrees he has seen the worst in me let's say it more then not pretty he says and just looks at me you said answer truthful nail says here an a question how about you shut up oh it on and slapped him and laughed both of us she comes back sits down and says that's how my dad thinks of me and mom thought of me my mom killed herself because she thought I was nothing but a bitch so my dad took care of me okay Louis and is just said listen I am the most optimistic person you will ever meet but push my buttons and I will be the bitch people think I am and got up and walked up as Harry tries to follow her they say not know she started crying as Harry went in the kitchen I keeper and hid at the wall she says I don't know am I a bitch I try not to is it the way I look or the way I talk your fine he doesn't let just anyone in k boo yep auger I just wanted to know I thought he was thinking because he dose not know me not because I am a bitch he dose not even know me and he jugging me Niall comes up stalking much and Harry came and though me picked me up and went out side jade stated to run guys nooo stop and went between us Louis said something that not the best but that option isn't ether Louis I did not. Like what you said hugged me and then Harry picks her up bridle style and in the house everyone is friends right we said yes but I don't know that much soo now what should we do well the guys said tired falling asleep I just fell asleep on the couch Harry fell asleep on top of me and the Niall on the stairs Louis in the other couch zany on the other set of stairs Liam on the floor the next day we got up got ready and I went to work yay work ..

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