Bad boy;)

Annie meets her best friends idol Niall horan , and everything takes a nun expected turn


2. ~chapter two~

"Who is in here?" a voice spoke, it was a guy with a thick Irish accent.

I shot a nervous look at Olivia, her doing the same. She stood up walking towards the door, she gave me an I'm sorry look before opening the door. Once it was opened a guy my age walked in"who are you?" He spoke with anger.


"I'm Olivia , and this is Annie." He looked at me and as soon as his eyes met mine, I melted. He sighed rubbing his eyes "what are you doing here ?!" He asked, sounding angry.

"Um" Olivia started "I just really wanted to meet you, but then there was a man calling the cops so I ran in here, Annie not far behind me. Sadly Annie has no idea who you are."

"I'm a famous MMA fighter" he told me still not calming down "so you met me, so get out." He said harshly.

"Wait!" Olivia shouted "Annie does MMA"

Well thanks Olivia..

"That's cool , get out"

"I want to meet the rest, first" Olivia argued.

"Will it get you off my back if I give you VIP tickets"

"Yes!" Olivia once again screamed. He handed us the tickets and we left.

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