Bad boy;)

Annie meets her best friends idol Niall horan , and everything takes a nun expected turn


1. ~chapter one~

"Why are we doing this?"I asked.

"Hush!"Olivia responded.


"No buts" she scream whispered. We walked through our hotel that we live at. (In a suite). Olivia was guiding me through a long hall. After what seemed like an hour, she paused. "Look for room 102".


"Just do what I say!"

"Okay , okay"

"Found it!" She yelled

"Olivia, it's three o'clock in the morning! Your going to wake somebody up!"


"Hey!" A man yelled from two rooms over. "It's 3 in the morning, your causing to much noise! I'm calling the cops!"

"Go." Olivia said pushing me into the room. She ran into the bathroom, I was right behind her. She shut and locked the door behind me. "Olivia, who's room is this?" She was to about to reply when some one started banging on the door.

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