That Night *Completed*

Let's just say that I don't have a perfect life, I did until that night, that night I realized nothing else was important then getting out of there.


1. The New Kid


Chapter 1. The New Kid




My eyes shot open from the horrid sound coming from the monster called "The alarm clock"i pushed snooze and got up stumbling to get to the bathroom, i shut the door and took a quick glace at myself in the mirror i almost screamed i look like, like, like some beat up scary baby doll.

I splashed cold water on my face, as I dabbed my face in the towel a faint knock came 

"Sab?" My little sister Aubrey always called me that.. its dumb its even more dumb because it ryhems with So Fab get it Sab Fab no? Okay.. 

"Yeah Aub wait a sec" I finally answered, after a second of brushing my hair I quickly opened the door too see sleepy Aubrey I smiled and walked past her making my way down the hall back to my room. As I started opening my bedroom door my mom yelled out from downstairs

"Sabrina sweetheart?" She asked in her somebodys-here-for-you tone I rolled my eyes and stomped down the stairs, I walked to the kitchen too see a smiling Alex

Alex is my sister/bestfriend she really is my bestfriend ive known her for 9 years, she always drives me to school so theres no surprise there, She had a perfect body guys would die for, she has greenish blue eyes, and stunning brown hair that is mid waist.

"Hey" I waved and stomped right back up the stairs and into my room once again, I quickly went to my closet and instantly found an outfit, white denim shorts, a infinity sweatshirt, and my baby blue converse, I walked to my full body mirror somethings missing 

"Ah,HA!" I yelled and grabbed a black beanie to cover my brown messy hair, I finished up by putting my makeup on I glanced once more and grabbed my galaxy backpack and my iphone.

I walked downstairs my eyes glued to my phone

Sorry its a habit everyone does it! So dont judge me


"Hey" my other bestfriend Sam said as we entered the doors of Howledy High

"Haaay sammmy" I yelled as I grabbed her into a hug

"Heyyy" Alex said joining the hug, we all pulled away and started walking

"Did yall see the new guy whats it Adam? Albert? No its Ashton" she said making me chuckle I sighed and replyed


"Nada" Sam wide eyed me I gave her a shrug whats it now?

"Hes your neighbour" she nearly screamed making me and Alex step back

"Is that him?" Alex pointed too a tall musclar brown haired guy of course he had all the girls drooling over him I mean HES HOT! 

"Yeah" a grin apeard on her face as she walked in his direction, I rolled my eyes and walked to my locker what a snob! I know what your thinking "i thought she was your bestfriend" dont get me wrong she is its just she needs too stop going for those guys you know they're not good not to mention for her she has a good girl repartition she gets straight A's for god sakes shes such a hypocrite. 

I walked to first period as fast as I could go so I wouldn't have to hear Sam's freakin life story, when you listen she goes full out like reenacts it, its like watching opera for 3 decades..

"Oh my gosh...." My mouth dropped open once I saw him..

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