That Night *Completed*

Let's just say that I don't have a perfect life, I did until that night, that night I realized nothing else was important then getting out of there.


19. 18.18

I stood in the line while tapping my foot, the guard stood at the door with a gun in his hand, one by one people left the bathroom. One girl stopped next to me and whispered " do you want to get out of here?" I nodded and she continued " hide this in your mouth" she handed me a chip, and walked away.

It was finally my turn, I stepped in front of the guard, he looked at me then looked back at the others. I stepped into the bathroom and dropped my towel, I motioned towards the shower and got in. Once I was done I put the chip into my mouth and pulled the towel over my body again.

While I was walking down the hallway back to the room I heard screaming, I stopped then jogged to where it was coming from.......the living room. Everyone stood around Danny one of the hostages he was yelling something into the camera, I couldn't quite make it out but he was mad. The guards came in pushing people aside while they made their way to where Danny stood. They grabbed him and dragged him into a different part of the house.

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