That Night *Completed*

Let's just say that I don't have a perfect life, I did until that night, that night I realized nothing else was important then getting out of there.


18. 17.17

"WAKE UP!" A voice echoed through my head, I opened my eyes as soon as I heard the voice get louder and louder. I rolled off the side of the bed landing on my feet. I looked around and saw that Kyle already got up. I got the up and walked by the door and that's when I heard John, Alex, and Sam.

"Where she is you bastered?!" Sam yelled.

"Up your ass you bitch, no one told you to come here an look for her did they?" He replied in that bitchy voice he always had.

"John I'm telling you, stop playing and tell me where she is for god sakes" I heard Alex pip in.

"Baby don't yell I'm just trying to do what you wanted" he moved closer to her and put his hand on her cheek and brushed it. She seemed to like it because she was smiling, a tear slid from my face, I backed away, I felt warm hands go around my waist, I turned around an there stood Kyle.

"Shh he's trying to get in your head" he said as I cried into his chest.

Was he right? Was he trying to get into my head?

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