That Night *Completed*

Let's just say that I don't have a perfect life, I did until that night, that night I realized nothing else was important then getting out of there.


17. 16.16

I was set in a big room with one bunkbed, a lamp, and some clothes in the back. Once I walked into the room they shut it and locked it, I looked around it looked like no one was here but there was...."you must be Sabrina" the voice said, I was startled, I looked around again and saw a tall figure standing in the far right corner.

"Y-yeah how did you know?" I asked moving closer to the black figure.

"I just do, I'm Kyle by the way" he stepped out of the dark and I saw the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen. He had brown hair, and blue eyes, and a lip piercing.

"Why are you here, what'd he make you do?" I questioned, by the look on his face he did something terrible.

"No I didn't do anything,"

"It's okay Kyle, I did something that I regret too" I grabbed his hand and looked at him, he took a deep breath and said,

"He made me um he made me beat someone he told me that if I didn't do it that he would kill me and my family so I did it"

"I used to date him, he told me he was 17 but he lied he's 30" I said, he looked at me for a second before nodding.

"LIGHTS OUT" one of the guards shouted from behind the door. I looked at him before motioning towards the bunk bed, I didn't change into the clothes they provided us, I was to scared too, I laid down, I couldn't go to sleep knowing I was kidnapped by the guy I used to love...

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