That Night *Completed*

Let's just say that I don't have a perfect life, I did until that night, that night I realized nothing else was important then getting out of there.


13. 13.13

"Sabrina?" A voice echoed through my head as I stared out into space, i snapped back to Earth once I realized I was being shakin.

"Oh sorry what did you say?" I said looking around I was still at the library.

"Um Ryder is having a party, I wanted to know if you wanna come?"

"Yea sure what time?"

"It starts at 9:00 in two hours" he said looking at the clock, I shook my head and stood up, I grabbed my lab top and stuffed it into my bag.

"I'll see you later"

"Bye" he said before I walked out of the library.


I opened the front door to my house and stepped inside, I dropped my bag in front of the door an walked upstairs. I have two hours that should be enough time right?

I opened my door, I set my phone on my iPod Dock and the song Ride cover by Brandon Skeie came blasting threw the speakers. I sang along as I picked out my outfit, I decided to wear a black crop-top, blueish black jeans, and baby blue vans.

I curled my hair an did my make up. I checked the time 8:39 I should go. I grabbed my phone and walked downstairs and out of the door.

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