That Night *Completed*

Let's just say that I don't have a perfect life, I did until that night, that night I realized nothing else was important then getting out of there.


10. 10.10

"Not now Jeremy" I whispered as the teacher spoke.

"Did you?"

"Yes, but really I'm not doing this anymore, I can't do something like that, plus he is new." I raised my voice.

"I told you before, after you make a deal there is no going back, I will find you and hurt you I mean it Sabrina" he replied his eyes grew dull as he stared me down.


I walked down the hallway, I had to get out of this deal... What if I just told him? No harm done....right?

I walked into the library an sat down at an empty table, I grabbed my bag an pulled out my labtop, I clicked log in and started looking up Jeremy WestWood.

I'm gonna expose him.....he's gonna regret everything he ever told me

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