There's no other person Holly loves more than Eli, even though at first she wants to hate him with every fiber in her being. Her teenage heart still lives inside her, sometimes when you're so in love you need to pause and just feel.


10. X


The Plascencia family grew after Sawyer.

Holly giving birth to another son and finally a daughter.

Their next son, Tanner, and their daughter Sienna, and of course Sawyer all excelled in school.

Sawyer grew up and followed his mother’s footsteps in becoming a surgeon; he married a fellow neurosurgeon Anthony.

Tanner followed neither of his parents’ footsteps, deciding to study art and became a well-known artist, and married a girl he met in a coffee shop, Emma.

Sienna followed in her father’s footsteps, and inherited the firm along with Sam’s & John’s child (Lia), they ran a kickass female dominated law firm, it was one of the best in the country. Sienna met and married a judge, Oscar.

As for Lia, she met and married a one of Tanner’s art friends, Brendon, who was a critically acclaimed author.

Sam & John lived out the rest of their lives alongside Eli & Holly, just as it was meant to be.

(This is the end, and I'm so happy so many of you were along for the ride, I had so much fun creating these characters and making them so stuff. I'm gonna miss it, I will not be continuing this series(?). But I might just write a new one, so be on the look out. Love, Vic xxx)

Felicity Jones is what I used as inspiration for adult Sam/mom Sam, I dug her very retro mom vibes.

Emma Roberts is who I saw fit with young/teenage Sam.

Scarlett Johansson is who I saw fit for older/mother Holly, sexy but kickass.

Laura Spencer reminded me of a young/teenage Holly.

Callan Mcauliffe is who i pictured for a young/teenage John.

Leonardo Dicaprio is who i imagined for older/father John.

Sterling Beaumon is who so infamously played Eli in my mind.

Chris Pine is who played older/father Eli in my head. 

Luke Mitchell is grown up Sawyer.

James Wolk is grown up Tanner.

Emma Watson is grown up Lia.

Emma Stone is grown up Sienna.

(Just to give you some sort of idea as to what I imagined them to look like/intended them to sort of look like. Not every single detail of course, but for the most part!) 

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