There's no other person Holly loves more than Eli, even though at first she wants to hate him with every fiber in her being. Her teenage heart still lives inside her, sometimes when you're so in love you need to pause and just feel.


7. VII

Firefly by Ed Sheeran

Teach my skin, those new tricks.
Warm me up, with your lips
Heart to heart, melt me down
It's too cold, in this town
Close your eyes, lean on me
Face to mouth, lips to cheek
Feeling numb, in my feet
You're the one, to help me get to sleep

And hold me tight, don't let me breathe
Feeling like, you won't believe

There's a firefly, loose tonight
Better catch it, before it burns this place down
And I lie, if I don't feel so right
But the world looks better, through your eyes


It’d been three months of horrible sickness and nausea. Eli had finally convinced me to get myself checked out and to call him immediately if it were anything serious. And I’m pretty sure this was a serious issue.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to call anyone for you?” the nurse asked.

“No, I’ll do it, thanks,” I said as she left the examining room.

I curled my knees up to my chest with more difficulty than before, was I ready for this? Was he? Well I would never know if I didn’t tell him. I dug out my courage and phoned Eli.

“Are you alright? What did the doctor say?” he rushed.

“I’m fine really, but I need to talk to you in person. Meet me at home whenever you can?” I asked picking my hangnails.

“I can be there in fifteen, is that alright?” he asked.

“That’s fine, see you then,” I said.

“Love you,” he said.

“Love you,” I repeated as the line went dead.

In the fifteen minutes I had to think about what and how I was going to say I had come up with nothing. The door opened and I panicked even more.

“Hey are you alright?” he asked coming over to kiss my forehead.

“Yeah I’m fine, but-“I started.

“But what?” he asked confused.

“You should sit down,” I suggested.

“Are you dying?” he asked with more concern.

“No, it’s nothing that extreme but I do have something to tell you,” I let out.

I told him it whole story and that I hadn’t realized but that I did have my suspicions. He nodded through my small speech and promised he’d be there every step of the way because he wanted nothing more than this.




It was finally winter, and finally Christmas. We had a few friends over, which consisted of Samantha, John, Victoria, and another fellow she was now seeing from the hospital. Eli had just dug out his guitar and started strumming a few chords.

No one was really paying attention except me. Victoria and Adam were off in their own little world and had just decided to go for a stroll, and Sam and John were too busy playing and making memories with their little one.

He had started humming and I became more curious.

“What are you playing?” I asked.

“Nothing in particular, any requests?” he joked.

“Not really,” I shrugged.

Little one, lie with me. Sew your heart to my sleeve. We’ll stay quiet, underneath shooting stars,” he whispered nearing my growing belly.

“You are so unbelievably cheesy,” I said stroking his hair.

He kept going anyway.

There’s a firefly, loose tonight. Better catch it, before it burns this place down. And I lie, If I don’t feel so right. But the world looks better, through your eyes,” he said nearing my belly and putting two hands on the sides and kissing it gently.

“You are the most cliché father,” I said lifting his chin and kissing him.

We spent the rest of the night remembering things from our childhood and enjoying being together. We opened presents and everyone fell asleep around 2 in the morning.

“I really love you,” he said as we laid in bed in the dark.

“I know,” I said laughing.

“I know, but I just wanted the baby to hear it,” he said.

“They know it too,” I assured him.

“I really love you too baby, maybe even more,” he said patting it.

“Gee thanks, and don’t pat my tummy,” I said swatting his hand away.

“Go to sleep, you need it,” he said kissing my forehead and my swollen belly once more time.

I fell asleep thinking how I wanted nothing more than this, than him, than starting a family. 

(So sorry for taking forever, things at uni have been utterly crazy, and i've had terrible writer's block. so sorry if this sucks. but yay sweet surprise, although some of you may have already guessed. this sweet short story may be coming to an end near. it was never meant to be very long actually, just a little peek into how their lives turned out after the first one. thanks so much and much love to you duckies. have a great day! -Vic xx)

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