There's no other person Holly loves more than Eli, even though at first she wants to hate him with every fiber in her being. Her teenage heart still lives inside her, sometimes when you're so in love you need to pause and just feel.


9. IX

“Requiem on Water” by Imperial Mammoth

True, it's chilling to behold
Up close we stumble backwards laughing in our boats
Till the image sinks away to someplace far but certain
A land of mere suspension where someday we must go

And though your arms and legs are under
Love will be the echo in your ears when all is lost and plunder
My love will be there still

Though your arms and legs are under
Love will be the echo in your ears when all is lost and plunder
My love will be there still


I had been feeling moodier than usual, and had spent a good amount of the morning moping and groaning.

“I have to go to work, but call me if you need anything okay, love?” Eli said kissing me before heading out the door.

I decided to put away some of our wedding gifts into the high cupboards and check one more time on the baby’s nursery.

The soft blue grey walls gave the room a soft glow and the pale grey iron-wrought crib and cream colored wooden rocking chair and dressers matched perfectly. I went up to the window and spread apart the curtains looking out at our backyard where our child would one day play. I sighed and walked out into the hallway when I felt a trickle of liquid run down the length of my legs and onto the floor. I gasped and went into the bathroom, knowing I hadn’t peed myself and that my water had just broken. I changed into clean underwear and called Eli.

“The baby’s coming,” I said without bothering to say hello, now was no time for formalities.

“What?” he asked dumbfounded.

“My water broke, the baby’s coming,” I repeated.

“Oh my God, okay stay there, I’m coming back home,” he said rapidly.

I hung up and giggled at his anxious state, even thought I wasn’t so put together either.

I took the bag we had packed with clothes for me and our baby, and slipped on shoes and waited for Eli to come home.

“I’m here; I’m here, are you okay? Does it hurt?” he said rushing through the front door.

“Yes I’m absolutely fine, a little discomfort, we should get going,” I said.

“Right, here give me that,” he said taking the bag and taking my hand in his.

The drive to the hospital was spent in anxious silence, I checked in and the nurse told us I was 5 centimeters dilated and could be admitted. The pain went and came in waves, but I refused to have an epidural, no matter how many times Eli insisted. Thousands of women everywhere have babies in poorer condition, I could do this.

“Well I should call our parents,” he said stepping outside.

I shut my eyes thinking that possibly at the end of this day, I could get to hold my little love-bug.

“They’re all on their way,” he said coming back inside with the doctor behind him.

“Let’s take a quick look, okay?” the doctor said examining me.

“You’re at 8 centimeters now, not much long, just hang in there,” she said smiling.

The hours passed by and the pain got stronger but the support of our family and Eli by my side was enough to keep me going. I finally felt like I needed to push, and the doctor was called back in.

“You’re at 10 centimeters, so we can finally push,” she said getting gowned up and gloved.

“Ready, at the count of three, I need you to push and count until 10 then release,” she said positing herself in front of me.

“One, two, three push,” she continued.

We continued like that for half an hour, until finally a cry sliced the air, a cry so full of fight and life it brought tears to not only my eyes but Eli’s as well.

“Congratulations, it’s a boy,” she said smiling.

The doctor cleaned off my baby and the nurses cleared out his airways before finally settling him on my heaving chest.

“He’s so beautiful,” Eli said crying into my shoulder and holding our baby’s little pink hand.

The nurses took him after a little while to clean him up and get his prints; they brought us the birth certificate and asked us for a name.

“Sawyer,” I said smiling.

“What an adorable name,” the nurse said heading off.

After a couple of days, we could finally take Sawyer home.

I sat on the rocking chair, lulling Sawyer to sleep, his tiny little hand wrapped around my finger. Eli came up behind me and kissed my cheek and stroked our son’s cheek. I shut my eyes knowing it could never get better than this. My heart swelled and leapt as if it was still that teenage girl who gave everything she had to the man now standing behind me.

(Just the epilogue, I'm so sad I finally finished :( Much love, Vic xxx)

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