What happens Stays between Us!

Just a normal girl. Who wants love more than anything. Will her and Liam work out or not?


2. After school

Chelsey POV

It's a Friday I'll probably do what I usually do,walk home from school,text my friend Kat, then FaceTime Kat.

Liam POV

I saw this beautiful girl walking down the street coming from school. I don't know if she noticed me staring at her. She was wearing sweatpants sl with a normal t-shirt on with her hair pulled up she just looked so beautiful. Maybe I should ""accidentally"" bump into her. What if she doesn't like me well I'll never know unless I try.

Chelseys POV

The guy named Liam was adorable he had puppy dog eyes I can't believe he wants to take me to Starbucks !!

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