Make sense of it all.

Having feelings messed with. It always hurts.


1. ...

I'm just trying so hard to make sense of it all.

Your heart is a castle, but around it's a wall.

She opens her window, but slams shut the door.

Yet I get through, on my knees on the floor.

I'm just trying so hard to make sense of it all.


And you throw down my heart to a bottomless pit!

You words cut as deep as your razor sharp wit.

If you were me, would you take your shit?

Have you ever loved me, even just one bit?

Cast my body, with my heart down the pit!

Will you pull me off the ground that I one day hit?

Oh it is such a long and miserable fall!

Im trying so hard, to make sense of it all.


But the sense is here, it's been here all along!

You were more to me than a Gstring  thong!

I always thought you were smart, never said you were thick,

Be good to me, or go choke on a dick.

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