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Jack Frost, a lonely, un-believed in spirit comes across a little girl one night with powers just like his. Struggling to discover his purpose, he decides to stay with her, and guide her through her life. However, this is difficult when she can't see or hear him. In this fan fiction, which takes place before Rise of The Guardians, Jack struggles to capture the attention of Elsa the Snow Queen, who is quickly becoming more and more beautiful, and changing his ideas about the kind of attention he wishes to capture.

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17. Epilogue

Jack stood in Elsa's room, nearly a year and a half later.

There was no one in there except him.

He laid on her bed and smelled her pillow, which still smelled the same way it did when he left.

Feeling the soft blankets, he flashed back to nights they had spent in this room, writing and laughing.

He walked to the window where they had shared their first kiss, and many more after that.

Laying open on the night stand was Spirit of Winter, the book that had first brought Elsa to believe in him.

He smiled at that, Elsa had been making sure she never stopped believing.

Suddenly, the door began to open slowly, and a wide smile came across Jack's face.

He couldn't wait to see Elsa after all this time, even though they had agreed not to see each other until the set date.

But when the door opened, it wasn't Elsa standing there, but Anna, dressed in head to toe black.

Many looks flashed across his face, disappointment, curiosity, and finally confusion because Anna was looking right at him.

"Jack?" Anna asked, and he gasped.

"You can see me?" He asked, and Anna nodded.

"So it is you. The Jack from the letters...and the book." She said, and, still in shock, Jack stood completely still.

" read our letters?" He asked, and it was then that he noticed the stack of papers clutched to Anna's chest.

"Yes, and re-read them, and re-read them. I've been reading them all day. Because..." Anna laid on Elsa's bed and she, too, took a deep breath of the aroma they both knew to be Elsa.

"Because Elsa passed away last night." She said, and tears began to spill out.

", please tell me this is some sick joke. This can't be true." Jack said in disbelief, but Anna just shook her head.

"We don't...we don't know why." She said between sobs.

"I just found her early this morning, ice cold...her arms were wrapped around these letters and the book." Anna managed to get out, sniffling. 

Jack sat there, taking heavy, rapid breaths.

Suddenly, to his surprise, Anna wrapped him in a hug.

"Thank you for being there for her." She said, and Jack wrapped his arms around her too.

"I should have stayed..." He mumbled, and the two of them sobbed together.

Jack wasn't worried about looking tough anymore.

His tears fell down his face and landed in Anna's hair.

He rested his chin on top of her head and tried to be comforting, but he couldn't say any words that would comfort himself.

"So what are you going to do now?" Anna asked Jack.

"I don't know. I think I just..I need to distance myself. And have to take over as Queen now, right?" Jack asked, and Anna shuddered.

"I don't think I can do it." She whispered.

"Elsa told me once...that if she ever left, she trusted Kristoff to take care of you. I'm sure he'll help you, Anna." Jack said, attempting to make things better, but Anna just sighed.

"Sure, when he's not traveling." She said.

"Did Elsa love you?" Anna asked, and Jack was taken aback by the question.

"Uh, I think so. I mean, she told me she did." He said quietly, and a few seconds later, Anna pulled away from the hug.

"You should really go. I have a kingdom to take care of who's grieving for their queen. It'd really be best for you to leave." She said sternly, getting up to open the window.

"Thanks for stopping by. You're not needed here anymore." Anna gestured for him to fly out the window. "But...can I take the letters?" He asked holding out his hand for Anna to give them to him.

"Absolutely not. This is the last thing I have of my sister. Now please, you need to go." She said for the last time.

"But that's the last thing I have of..." His voice trailed off when he looked into Anna's eyes and realized no argument he could make would get her to give up those letters.

Reluctantly, Jack slipped out the window and flew as far away from Arendelle as he could get.


Ah, you guys, this is it.

The final part of Slipping Away.

Thank you soooo much to everyone who's read it so far, I would truly be NOWHERE without you.

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So now that there won't be a chapter for another two weeks, when All or Nothing at All comes out.

~ Slipping_Away_Elsa @Instagram.


Hope you enjoy that story by @Slipping_Away_Elsa :)

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