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Jack Frost, a lonely, un-believed in spirit comes across a little girl one night with powers just like his. Struggling to discover his purpose, he decides to stay with her, and guide her through her life. However, this is difficult when she can't see or hear him. In this fan fiction, which takes place before Rise of The Guardians, Jack struggles to capture the attention of Elsa the Snow Queen, who is quickly becoming more and more beautiful, and changing his ideas about the kind of attention he wishes to capture.

Credits to Slipping_Away_Jelsa on Instagram :)
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10. Chapter Ten

 "Whoa." Elsa said, unblinking, staring at Jack.

"You, uh, you're the Spirit of Winter?" She asked, still mesmerized by his beautiful blue eyes.

"Well, usually I go by Jack, but yea. Um, Jack Frost." He said, holding out his hand for her to shake.

Cautiously, she took it. "Yea, I'm Elsa...but, you already know that..." She said, letting out a little giggle.

Jack laughed too. "Yea, yea I do." They both looked at each other, unable to wipe the smiles from their faces.

Elsa cleared her throat.

"Ahem, so uh, you can do what I do, right? Like this?" Elsa asked, conjuring up a dainty snow flake in the sky.

"Oh, yeah, I can." Jack said, holding his hand out next to hers and making his own snow flake.

"Wow. How'd you get them?" She asked, and Jack gave her a funny look.

"How'd YOU get them?" He asked in return and Elsa shrugged.

"Don't know." She said, matter-of-factly.

"Hm." Jack said, smirking and puffing out his chest with pride.

"I got mine from the Moon." Elsa laughed.

"Right. Likely story." She said sarcastically, and Jack furrowed his brow.

"Come on, like you've got anything better. With this kind of stuff," he sprayed a flurry of snow onto the floor, "anything's a likely story." He lowered his head and looked up at Elsa with a sly grin.

"I suppose." She said, refusing to return his gaze.

Finally, she turned her head toward him and looked into those gorgeous eyes again.

"So..are you staying tonight? I-I mean, like, what do you usually do? When you're here?" She asked.

"Well, I um, I don't usually sleep. You know, because I'm immortal and all that. So I, uh, how can I say this in the least creepy way possible...I just kinda sit on your bed and wait for you to wake up." He said, and Elsa raised her eyebrows.

"You sit and stare at me all night." She stated, and Jack covered his face with his hands.

"No! I, well, I mean, I just...seriously, what else am I supposed to do?" Jack attempted to explain awkwardly.

Elsa just laughed.

"Well, when you're here, I don't have nightmares, so I don't mind if you sit and stare at me all night. But if you...would like to be a little more comfortable, I mean, if you need anything, like blankets or pillows or something, just, uh, just ask." Elsa stuttered.

"I'm fine. Really. Immortal. It's cool." Jack said, shrugging and taking his post at the edge of her bed.

"Ok..." Elsa said as she laid her head down.

It was not long before she popped it back up.

"I really don't think I can sleep. Now. Knowing you exist and all that." She said grimacing a little.

Jack rubbed the back of his neck.

"Yea, sorry.." There was an awkward moment of silence between the two, both  avoiding each other's eyes, before Elsa finally spoke.

"Have you read ths book yet?" She asked, holding up Spirit of Winter.

Jack shook his head.

"Well maybe you should. There's always more to yourself you haven't learned yet." She said, scooting over in her large bed and patting the spot next to her.

Jack's cheeks turned red as he took the seat on the bed and leaned in to read the book with Elsa.

After a while,  he began to take some real interest in what the book was saying about him, and Elsa let him hold it while they both read.

He was so engrossed in his reading that he hardly noticed it when Elsa's head flopped over onto his shoulder.

When he looked down, Jack studied her beautiful, pale face.

She hd long eyelashes and petite nose.

He observed the way her shoulder rose and fell as she breathed in her sleep.

Although he had seen it all before, it seemed he didn't realized the true beauty in all her features until now.

He lifted her head off his shoulder and gently laid it on her pillow.

Then he too rolled over and got comfortable in the bed.

Although he didn't sleep, he did dream.


Glad you guys like it!

~ Slipping_Away_Jelsa @Instagram

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