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Jack Frost, a lonely, un-believed in spirit comes across a little girl one night with powers just like his. Struggling to discover his purpose, he decides to stay with her, and guide her through her life. However, this is difficult when she can't see or hear him. In this fan fiction, which takes place before Rise of The Guardians, Jack struggles to capture the attention of Elsa the Snow Queen, who is quickly becoming more and more beautiful, and changing his ideas about the kind of attention he wishes to capture.

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6. Chapter Six

Elsa yawned and stretched her arms above her head.

She glanced in the mirror at her wild bed head, and simply laughed.

Appearance had lost it's punch these last few months when she was in the castle.

It had started to feel like a home again, as opposed to a prison.

She wrapped herself in her ice blue robe and ran to Anna's room.

"Anna? Are you awake?" She called as she gently knocked on Anna's door.

"Sure am!" Anna said, opening the door and displaying a bed head not unlike Elsa's.

"Happy birthday!" Elsa squealed, grabbing Anna in a bear hug.

Anna giggled.

It wasn't an unusual occurrence lately for Elsa to be up before Anna, but today it was something special.

Elsa had asked for loads of pancakes to be made and waiting for the two of them down stairs.

She was determined to make this the best birthday ever for Anna, since she had missed so many in the past.

The girls scurried down the stairs to a grand table, decked out in beautiful stacks of golden pancakes.

"Do you really think we can eat all these?" Anna asked Elsa, giving her a sideways glance.

Elsa shrugged, and Anna burst out laughing. "Well, I certainly think we can!" She said, and dove for her seat at the head of the table.

Elsa took her seat next to her and the two began to devour the pancakes.

Between mouthfuls, Elsa would attempt to explain how the day would go. "I've got so much planned for today, Anna. Ice skating, snow ball fights, and of course-presents. Oh, and cake! Cake, for sure." Elsa rambled on and on and Anna nodded and smiled.

She didn't have to time to respond, stuffing pancakes into her mouth.

Once the girls were done they sat back and surveyed all the empty, syrupy plates in front of them, rubbing their full bellies. "Did that seriously just happen?" Elsa asked, and Anna nodded, laughing.

Suddenly Elsa perked up. "Ok, come on, get up. I've got something to show you!" She grabbed Anna's wrist and drug her behind her out into the courtyard.

Anna's eyes grew wide as she was greeted by the entire kingdom calling "Happy birthday, Princess Anna!"

In the middle of the crowd was an enormous ice sculpture displaying the same message.

"Elsa, it's beautiful!" She said, grabbing her sister's arm, unable to tear her eyes away from the gorgeous sight.

"You're all invited to the ball tonight to celebrate this very special day! We hope to see you there!" Elsa professionally addressed the crowd, and applause came in response.

"Oh Elsa, a ball with the entire kingdom! I'm so excited!" Anna exclaimed once back inside.

"Anna, but it's not just the kingdom. People from all over the world are coming to celebrate you!" Elsa replied and Anna was awed.

"This...this means so much, really. This is the first major event we've hosted since..well, since your coronation. I'm so proud of you for doing this all for me. I can only imagine how it feels to look back on the last event for you." Anna said, dropping her voice to a more sincere tone.

Elsa looked down at her hands. We, really...I just, I left you along for so long, I couldn't let another birthday go by uncelebrated. I had to make up for all the ones I missed. I hope this will suffice." She said, smiling up to Anna.

"Of cause it will! More than suffice!" She squealed, grabbing Elsa in a hug, leaving them both laughing.

"Now get dressed, silly. We've got a kingdom-wide snow ball fight to attend."

The day's festivities seemed to be never ending.

Anna and Elsa were always doing something. even things that Elsa has not planned.

She was impressed with what the people had come up with.

In all the shops were window displays wishing Anna a happy birthday.

Anna lost count of the amount of times she was sang to.

THere was something about the people, even though they all said nearly the same thing, they all seemed to genuinely want her to have a fantastic day.

As much fun as she was having in the town, she couldn't wait until the ball that night.

She was both excited and nervous.

The last, and ironically first, ball she had attended was nothing short of a disaster.

Even though people no longer feared Elsa, Anna still didn't know how they would react if she have another outburst.

But Anna couldn't let those ruin her night.

It was her birthday, after all.


Soo this chapter is like really long...

If you haven't notice, it's been a long time since Jack left.

So yeah.


~ Slipping_Away_Jelsa @Instagram

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