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Jack Frost, a lonely, un-believed in spirit comes across a little girl one night with powers just like his. Struggling to discover his purpose, he decides to stay with her, and guide her through her life. However, this is difficult when she can't see or hear him. In this fan fiction, which takes place before Rise of The Guardians, Jack struggles to capture the attention of Elsa the Snow Queen, who is quickly becoming more and more beautiful, and changing his ideas about the kind of attention he wishes to capture.

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14. Chapter Fourteen

They were sure now, it was love.

Sharing kisses became a regular occurrence, every time they said hello, every time they said good bye.

However, Elsa still couldn't get over the ever-present hesitation from Jack.

Every kiss still felt like the first kiss; awkward.

They weren't improving.

Jack would tell her he loved her, but she always had to say it first.

As happy as she was to finally have Jack, this bothered her.

She didn't feel like she had him whole heartily.

And that wasn't fair, because she devoted herself to him.

She decided she would get to the bottom of this.

So one night, after an all-too-familiar good night kiss, Elsa grasped Jack's hand before he could fly off into the night.

"Wait." She said, then looked down at her feet after seeing his innocent stare.

Was it wrong to ask more of him? she wondered.

He had stayed with her and comforted her ever since she was young.

How could she question his commitment? Still gazing at her feet, she barely squeaked out the words.

"Why are you holding back?" Jack knew this question was coming, and he suddenly found it hard to swallow.

He tried to speak, but no words came out. Instead, he sunk down to the floor and put his head in his hands, holding back tears.

"No, Jack, what's the matter?" Elsa said, kneeling beside him and wrapping him in her arms.

"Elsa....we can't be together." Jack said.

He couldn't keep it in anymore, Elsa had to know the harsh truth.

He looked up and saw her gaping, but instead of being sad, she looked furious.

"Oh, please. Don't pull this shy kid act again on me. I thought we were past this, Jack. I thought you were ready to start being mature and take on a real relationship. I guess I was wrong, huh?" Elsa finished strong, but then suddenly her tough girl act crumbled, and she too was in tears.

She held his pale face in her hands and brought it close to hers, seeing her own reflection in his beautiful eyes.

"Why." She whispered, and then brought her forehead to his, sobbing.

"It's just... I'm immortal.. You're not. I'm stuck on this earth forever, and you're not. someday you're going to be gone, and I'll stay here, lonely again. I should've stopped myself sooner but now.." His sentence trailed off as Elsa brought him up for a kiss.

"Then make me immortal. We can be together for an eternity." She whispered, and Jack shook his head, even less hopeful than before.

"I can't. Only the Moon can do such things, and every time I try to talk I get no response." He said, keeping his eyes closed to hold in the tears.

Elsa kissed him again.

"If you love me, you'll try again." She said, and then she walked away and crawled into bed.

Jack flew out the window in dismay.

Now he was alone, his tears flowed freely.

He sprayed snow and ice angrily everywhere he went.

He didn't realize how far away he had gotten until suddenly he saw a gorgeous glowing structure looming above me.

Elsa's ice castle.

Carefully, he went inside.

It seemed as though it was just as he remembered it, until he reached the room with the balcony he sat on so many times, calling to the Moon.

This room looked like a war zone.

The beautiful Ice structure that had once hung from the ceiling was in a pile all over the floor, and spiked walls of ice reared ferociously all over.

Slowly he began to repair the damage done in that beautiful room.

When it got to the point where it looked as though Elsa had just built it, he proceeded to make it even more beautiful, adding his own details.

Before he knew it, the next day had come and he sat back and admired his work.

This was the perfect way to make Elsa happy, he knew it.

Quickly he made his way back to the palace, where he found Elsa waking up.

"Sooo you got any plans today?" He asked timidly, and she jumped.

Clearly she wasn't expecting a visit.

"No. What do you want?" She snapped, and Jack bit his lip with excitement.

After checking that no one was looking, he scooped her up and flew her out of the window.

She clenched her teeth to keep from yelling, as she didn't want anyone to find them.

"I have something to show you." He said, and they began their journey to the North Mountain.


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