Go Google It

Her: Please do not ask me why...

Him: All of you wants to know me, I think.

Her: Will you speak up if you have something you want to say to me?

Him: I want to know what you think of me!

Her: I'll tell you to just go Google it

He knows he likes her... but will he be able to get her to share her feelings? Or will she just tell him to... go Google it?

(Cover design by Herleen28)


2. I've Never Felt This Way Before

Gakupo: I've never felt this way before

Luka: A ROM is what beginners start out with

Gakupo: I want to be the person closest to you

Luka: Your VIP is probably fake

"Lunch time!" Kaito's voice rang out through the recording room. "Gakupo and Miku, in your honor, leek and eggplant soup was on sale today." He scrunched his nose as he passed around the food.

"Ugh! I'll never escape the stupid plant," Miku said. "I hate how my icon for fame is an onion!"

"Hey, no complaining," Gakupo said. "Mine is eggplant."

Luka shrugged. "I kind of like having fish be my symbol. I get free salmon whenever I go shopping," she said. 

"Good, because you get salmon again." Kaito told her, dropping the Styrofoam dish in front of her. She shrugged and opened it up, preparing her chopsticks.

"I wish mine was a cellphone, like Neru's," complained Miku. "She gets free cell service."

"Free cell service versus free leek stew. Hmm. I think I'd take the cell." Miku sighed and sipped her soup. "Ick! This is awful!"

Gakupo didn't even touch his. 

"Hey, Luka-san. Can you share some of your fish with me?" Miku asked, sliding closer to her.

She looked up and shrugged. "I guess. Help yourself," she said. 

Miku picked a bit of fish up with her chopsticks and tasted it. "Not bad. Definitely better than leek and eggplant."

"You should be grateful you get soup, Miku." Gakupo chided.

"Shut up, purple-head. It's your fault I can't eat this. I might eat it if it were just leek, but eggplant? Yuck. Why did you have to come along and ruin everything?"

Luka snickered.

Suddenly, there was a clatter of a plastic dish next to Luka. She glanced over and saw Gakupo, sitting next to her.

She shifted her weight away from him. 

He scooted closer.

She moved back. 

Finally, she'd reached the edge of the table. "Buzz off, Gaku."

"Oh, Luka. Why must you be so cruel?"

"I said, go away!"

He reached out and ran his fingers through her hair. She jerked her head away. "I've never felt this way about anyone, Luka. Help me out here. Tell me what you're thinking."

"I'm thinking that you should start recording again," she said. "Big Al wants you to do another Levan Polka." 

"No, really. I want to know you, Luka! I want to be close to you. I want to be the person you look up at and smile every time you see me!" he pleaded. "Give me a chance."


They were silent. Luka had hoped he'd shut up for good, but apparently not. 

"Penny for your thoughts?" he asked. 

"I'm thinking that you are so phony. You can't pick up every girl you see, womanizer. You are such a fake. I wouldn't be surprised if you faked that VIP pass to our concert."

"Why would you think that?!" Gakupo sounded hurt. "I just wanted to meet my favorite band! How was I supposed to know that Big Al would fall in love with my melodious voice and hire me?"

She rolled her eyes.

He was quiet for a moment, then asked again, "Penny for your real thoughts?"

"Go Google it."

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