Am I Insane? (Danny Worsnop/Ricky Olson/Ronnie Radke/Ben Bruce FanFiction)

A very suicidal Danny Worsnop finds himself in the arms of his ex's arms once again. But he falls back in love with Ben. The reunited couple get drunk with Ricky Olson and a few others, when they find themselves near death.


1. You Need To Put An End To This.


Cameron's P.O.V.


Not again. Danny had four empty bottles of whisky left under his bunk, he had been drinking again. He has no idea how worried me and the others have been lately for his health. Especially Ben. If anything he worries too much about him.

Danny walked in to see me on his bed, laying back in disbelief. "Cam? What's up?", Danny asked. I sighed, "Danny, you can't keep doing this. You need to stop drinking so heavily, your life is at risk". He rolled his eyes. "Look, I know you're upset at the moment but you're gonna die if you don't put an end to it", I cried. "I can't", Danny yelled and walked off. "Danny, wait. Maybe we can get help-". "I don't fucking need help! I need time to think!", Danny shouted. Ben walked in. "Danny, come here", he said, as he hugged Danny. "He wants to send me to rehab and I'm not going there a-fucking-gain!", Danny yelped. "You're not going to rehab, Danny. You're staying with me", Ben assured him. "He needs help", I insisted. "He needs us. And he's not getting the love he needs from us", Ben argued.

Why did Ben not see the problem? Danny needs help. This is important, he has a drug addiction and an alcohol addiction. He only wants Danny back, I bet. It was his fault he turned to alcohol in the first place! 

I walked into my room and ranted to myself, considering no-one would listen to me. Then again, I myself would hate to be in Danny's shoes and go to rehab. Perhaps Ben's right, Danny needs all the love he can get. I've been such a dick. It was time to apologise. I walked in to see Danny collapsed to the floor and pills spilt over the floor. Was this a suicide attempt? Was it my fault? 


***A/N*** Hey, I am gonna be introducing the others later on. Thanks if you've read it :)


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