Am I Insane? (Danny Worsnop/Ricky Olson/Ronnie Radke/Ben Bruce FanFiction)

A very suicidal Danny Worsnop finds himself in the arms of his ex's arms once again. But he falls back in love with Ben. The reunited couple get drunk with Ricky Olson and a few others, when they find themselves near death.


2. The Pressure Is Too Much.


Sam's P.O.V.


I heard crying from Danny's room. I walked in to see Danny collapsed and Cameron crying heavily by his side. "What's going on?", I asked. Cameron got up, clenching a bottle of pills and stuttered, "Dan-Danny, he o-over-overdosed". "Wh-what? Why would he do that?", I immediately asked. "I think I scared him.. I told him he needed to go to rehab. Then I came to say sorry and saw this...", he explained, wiping the tears from his face. "Cam, it's gonna be okay.. We're gonna take him to hospital and he's gonna get better, okay?", I assured him. "But.. what if he doesn't wake up? It's all my fault! I can't-". "He's gonna wake up", I argued, "He's not dead, he can't be. Danny's dodged death so many times. He can't die yet".

After we had called a hospital and they had taken Danny, Cameron started to cry again. "I killed him.. He did it because of me", Cameron mumbled. "He chose to do it, not you. Plus, he can't be dead!", I cried. Cameron walked out and I followed after him. "What are you doing? Where are you going?", I demanded. "I've got to see if he's okay", Cameron whispered. "Wait, I can give you a lift there. Y'know, we can go see him together, that is if you want to. Do you?", I requested. "Yeah, let's do that", Cameron agreed, shaking and walking over to me.

Once we had gotten in the car and driven to the hospital, we headed to reception and told them we were looking for Danny's room. We got to his room, and had seen he hadn't woken up yet. His Doctor walked in. "May I help you?", the tall man inquired. "Yeah, we're Danny's mates", Cameron announced. "Oh, Mr. Worsnop. Right, I am afraid that your friend is in a coma. Unfortunately, we don't know how long for. These can take for two weeks up to about six months", the Doctor told us. "No, no. Why, he can't do this to us?!", Cameron panicked. "He'll be fine, he will survive like he always does", I said, trying to convince him. Me myself, I wasn't too sure if he would wake up. I hoped he would, if I lost Danny, there wouldn't be an Asking Alexandria. There wouldn't be me, Cam, James or Ben. We'd kill ourselves if he was dead. God, I couldn't live like that, none of us would be able to.

Cameron had pleaded to stay by Danny's side but I wanted to go home because of how tired I was, so I let him stay there and gave him money for a taxi home. I had left the hospital and went home instantly. Straight away, Ben asked me how Danny was. "Well he's in a coma and we don't know how long for and that's due to overdose, and Cameron feels so guilty so he wants to stay with Danny, by his side", I confessed. "I miss him already", Ben sighed. "I know, we all do", admitted James with a sympathetic pat on the back to Ben. "Yeah but.. I love Danny". 


Cameron's P.O.V


I had been with Danny for about three hours now and I began to grow sleepier and sleepier. I wanted him to just wake up so I knew he would be safe and I'd hate to know that when he died, he hated me.. He was one of my greatest friends and I didn't want to lose him... Not like this. Not like this, in a form of hatred and violence. I wanted to be someone he would remember when he passed. 

Then, I heard a groan escalating from Danny, his heart was beating, he was opening his eyes - He had awakened! My heart was pounding, tears began to form in my eyes as I saw my best mate come back to life! I couldn't believe it. I couldn't help but think my eyes were deceiving me. I rubbed my eyes, but this was real. "Cam? Where am I? What happened?", I heard Danny say, his vouce low and husky. "You're alive! You scared me, never do that to me again. And you're in hospital, you overdosed.. Look, I'm sorry about hurting you and telling you that you need help", I apologised. "It's fine and, I'm sorry, too", Danny smirked. "You want to go home? We can get a bottle of Coke, and no - not Cocaine", I laughed. "Dammit", said Danny jokingly. "Come on, let's get you out of here", I said, giving him a hand up.

We had signed out of the hospital and gotten home safely. Everybody was so thankful for his safety. We had a snack, a few drinks (of Coke) and headed to bed. "Night guys", Danny grinned. I also said goodnight, I was so tired! "Danny, promise me you'll take it easy?", I hoped. "I'll try", he responded. We gave each other a hug as we walked our separate paths to our bedrooms. I knew I'd have a good night's sleep knowing I haven't lost my best friend.

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