Aubrey lives with her family. She isn't married or dating anybody. She is a single pringle. Her mother asks her to go to the bank to get her some money. 2,000 dollars to be exact. When she gets the money, the worst thing happens, she is held hostage and taken by none other than one direction gang. Her life has changed. FOR EVER!!!


2. Where am I?- Aubrey POV

"Why did you want her here?" I can hear people talking but I don't want to open my eyes.

"Don't give a crappy answer like she's pretty or she was a nice "body"." I remember that voice, the green eyed freak who stabbed me and "tried" to shoot me.

"Give me the reason, Louis why did you want us to keep her instead of killing her then and there." So many thoughts are running through my head.

Keep me?

Kill me?

Why did they want to keep me?

Am I a slave to them now?

Where am I?

Will I ever go home?

"I.... I don't know why I wanted us to keep her." I felt bad for him, Louis.

"Since you don't know why we should keep her... Does anyone else have a reason that isn't a pile of crap on why we should keep her instead of killing her and throwing the trash that she is, away?" Nobody said a word. I am so mad now. He has no right to call me that. I want to get up and punch him so bad but I'm not opening my eyes just yet or ever maybe.

"That's not a good enough reason. You can't just say I don't know! What the hell is wrong with you!?" I opened my eyes slowly. I guess curiosity got the best of me. I see someone holding a gun at someone else. I can tell the on holding the gun is the green eyed freak cause he has the same tattoo.

"HARRY STOP! She could be your, I mean our slave from now on. Now we don't have to pay those cruddy prostitutes." Said the one having the gun pointed at him, Louis I believe. Green eyed freak puts the gun down lower, and eventually it's back at his side. He turns around and we make eye contact.

I quickly shut my eyes. I feel fingers on my face trying to open my eyes, I can't keep them closed for much longer. They slowly open and I see green eyed freak, I mean Harry. They are so stupid for saying there names and taking off their masks. When I get out of this hell hole I am reporting all of them to the police. Harry gives me the most evil grin I could possibly think of. I spit in his face.

WHY DID I DO THAT! I'm gonna probably die here and now cause of that! Well, better to die than be in a hell hole. He's gonna torture me and kill me and I know none of these guys could help me without dying too. I thought.

He takes me hair and pulls me up by my hair. It hurts so bad. I know he pulled out some of my hair from just grabbing it and pulling me up didn't help. He wipes the spit off with the back of his hand.

"You want to be dirty!? Then I'll teach you dirty!" He threw me on the dirt floor and walk up stair with the other guys. I sit on the bed next to me.

"I'll be back down in 10 minutes. I'm bout to teach you a valuable lesson!"

I can feel the blood coming out my nose. My eye vision get blurry. I'm scared and helpless. All these guys want to do is use me and then throw me away like I'm trash. I feel like trash anyway. I hug my body and run my hands up and down my arms. This basement feels like its 40 degrees. I feel a sharp pain and I yelp. I look at my arm, I forgot I had an open wound from a green eyed devil.

There's dirt in the wound and it stings, ALOT!

"IM BACK!" He sings it in a evil tone. I get up and start running. To where, I don't know. I keep on running, soon I feel myself running in circles. I turn the next corner I see really sharp and I'm grabbed by a strong person.

"I GET OFF ME!" I jump and scream and cry and kick and hit and scratch with all the power I have left in my body.

"I need to teach you a lesson though." That creepy whisper and the way he started feeling my legs made me want to kick him the balls. So I did, he feel to his knees in agony. I run up the stairs and open the door. I look both ways down the hallway, no one there, I run to the left. I keep running, THE FRONT DOOR! I run even faster than before!

I can hear the boys talking and coming closer to me. Some of them start jogging. I jiggle the door knob open. I run out that house so quiet i looked like a cheetah. At least that's how I feel. I trip over the step and face plant into the dirt. I can taste the dirt in my mouth. My ankle hurts so bad, I think I twisted it. I don't care I need to keep running.

Keep running Aubrey, do it for your family, DO IT FOR YOUR OWN LIFE!

All those thoughts of my life and family run through my mind. I can see a road! And some cars! I THINK ITS A HIGHWAY! I could be saved from this nightmare! I feel so close that I could touch it but I feel someone jump on me. This dude tackles me down to the ground and straddles me down. My ankle, head, arm and pretty much my whole body hurts. I look up at him. THE BOY WITH BLIE EYES!

He picks me up and takes me back inside. We go back down in the basement and he plops me down on the bed. I'm back in the same place.....again. He goes back upstairs and shuts the door behind him. I hear a loud click. I walk up to the door, and jiggle the knob. DAMNIT! It's locked.

This is home from now on....

I go into the corner of my bed and cry until I fall asleep.

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