Aubrey lives with her family. She isn't married or dating anybody. She is a single pringle. Her mother asks her to go to the bank to get her some money. 2,000 dollars to be exact. When she gets the money, the worst thing happens, she is held hostage and taken by none other than one direction gang. Her life has changed. FOR EVER!!!


6. Remember Me-Aubrey POV

I wake up in a bed. It's not comfy at all. My whole body hurts really bad, inside and out. I slowly sit up to minimize the pain, I doubt it will help. I notice that the blankets on the floor are dirty and and covered with different stains. It's balled up into a ball. I touch the sheets and blanket I'm under. They feel clean and fresh. I look under the blanket. I have my underwear on and they're clean but I notice I don't have my bra on.

I slowly move to the side on the bed and swing my legs onto the floor. I stand up and cover myself in the blanket. I walk like a snail. The dirt floor is freezing cold and so is the air. It feels like it's almost 40 degrees. I look around for my bra and spot it in a pile of clothes. All of the clothes smell disguising. It's like a mixture of sweat and a new smell. I don't want to know what it is though.

I walk back over to bed and clip my bra back on. Since I don't have any clothes, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. If I have to pee, I'll have to suffer. I lay back down and start to rub my arms for warmth. I see my wound has been dressed nicely but it's stained with old blood. I stare at the ceiling and start to think. I think about my life, family and the unconditional love I am being given. What will happen to that love if I never come home?

I start to sing "The Only Exception" by Paramore. I don't know why but it just popped into my head. It's not like I have anything better to do.

When I was younger I saw

My daddy cry

And curse at the wind

He broke his own heart

And I watched as he tried to reassemble it

And my momma swore that she would

Never let herself forget

And that was the day that I promised

I never speak of love

If it does not exist

You are the only exception

You are the only exception

You are the only exception

You are the only exception

And I'm on my way to believing

Oh and I'm on my way to believing.

I was interrupted by someone walking above me on the next floor. I hope no one heard me. I skipped the all the way to the end for some reason. I went into this trance of memories. I saw myself in the bank, getting money and suddenly I was kidnapped by 5 guys. Another memory showed me getting tortured by Harry. Then the nice memories of my fill my mind.

I remember on my birthday, my dad was in the navy at the time. He would leave for a long period of time, come back and then leave again. I was at school and i was I band, I played the flute. I was first chair and I had a solo. The band and I played an army song or a song that represents independence for independence day that was coming up. I started to play my solo when someone walked into the auditorium. I turned my head and saw him. I stopped playing and ran up to him.

My first boyfriend was the guy I had my first kiss with. His name was jack and he had cute blonde hair and his voice was so cute. He's my best guy friend and I love him like a brother. That's a bond that I won't want to lose. My friends are the best and so is my family. They are the people you die for and can't live without. I turn to my side, I wonder what life is like for them right now with me not being in it.

I hear someone walk above me again and then their footsteps slowly disappear. Then the door clicks and unlocks. I close my eyes tightly shut. I don't want to see their faces ever again. Id rather die. I can hear their feet coming closer and closer. Soon, they are right besides the bed. The blanket starts to go down my body. I don't want to yank it cause then they'll know I'm awake and ready for more torture. The blanket falls to the floor. This person turns me over and touches my leg. I twitch and try to turn.

"Aww..." He says. I'm happy it isn't Harry but who could it be now? I don't know what the boys voices sound like. I remember hearing Louis talk. This voice isn't his. This person puts his hand closer to my certain stuff and I jolt up. It's the blue eyed boy. He takes his hand away and I try to reach for the blanket. He puts sweatpants in my hand.

"Here...cause it's so cold down here." He took a clean and folded shirt that was on the end of the bed and put it on top of the sweatpants in my hand.

"Here's a shirt also." He turned away and started walking toward the stairs.

"Thank you." He turns around and smiles.

"Oh so you remember me now?"

"What? Um no...I was talking about the clothes actually."

"Hey...just trying to help." He put his hands up in the air for defense.

"Anyway, you should be thanking me cause Harry would of killed your ass." I gulped. His glare was starting to scare me.

"Thank you."

"Now that's more like it..." He touched my cheek with hand and moved it up and down slowly. It was creepy

"I have one question though."

"Hit me."

"Did all of the other people torture me too?" He took a deep breath.

"We had was either that or be shot dead by Harry. He literally had the gun pointing at us."

"Then who cleaned me up?"

"Louis cleaned you and Liam put your underwear on cause he couldn't find the top. He dressed your wound too cause Harry made it bleed really badly. It still wouldn't stop when he dressed it. But it stopped now so.." He started walking up the stairs and closed the door. He didn't lock it.

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