Aubrey lives with her family. She isn't married or dating anybody. She is a single pringle. Her mother asks her to go to the bank to get her some money. 2,000 dollars to be exact. When she gets the money, the worst thing happens, she is held hostage and taken by none other than one direction gang. Her life has changed. FOR EVER!!!


1. Bank-Aubrey POV

"Aubrey, do you mind going to the bank when your done grocery shopping?" Asked mom.

"Sure. I'm actually done the shopping, how much money do you need?" I'm wondering why she needs money. She just got her pay check yesterday. She came in all happy, so I knew that yesterday was her "paycheck" day.

"I need 2,000 dollars." I sat in my car with my mouth wide open. Why in the world does she need 2,000 dollars? That's a lot of money!

"Okay then..... I'll be home in 20 minutes."

"See you then honey." I hung up.

I pull up to the bank parking lot. I turn off my radio and pull my key out of the ignition. I get out of the car and open the front door. The smell of this place is like the smell of a new car. Today it smells like cinnamon and cranberries. I like it. I walk up to the lady.

"Hello sweetie. How much would you like to cash out?" She looked like she's 50 years old. Her gray hairs are coming through.

"I would like to cash out 2,000 dollars." I said sweetly.

"That is a lot of money for a sweet little girl." She started places 100 dollar bills in counter while counting them. I counted with her cause the wait was a little long.

"Here you go....2,000 dollars sweetie."

"Thank you ma'am. Have a nice day!" I was about to turn around when I heard a deep voice whisper in my ear don't turn around. Then I felt something touch my head. Fear went through my head. This person slowly turned me around to face him. He put the object to the side of my head. It was a gun.

He has green eyes but that's all I can see. He has a ski mask on. Then 4 other guys walked behind him. They also have ski masks in. I opened my mouth to scream but the green eyed one put a rag in my mouth.

"GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!" He yelled. I shook my head no.

"I SAID GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!" I still shook my head no. He took the rag out of my mouth.

"This isn't yours." I said calmly.

"It will be when you give me the damn money!" He took out a pocket knife. He traced it down my cheek. I winced at the slight pain I'm getting.

"Now give it up."

" want money, go get it yourself." I tried to shake out of his grip. I tried to shake out of his grip. He's too strong so I hit him across the face.

"You shouldn't of done that!" His eyes got angrier and angrier with every word. He turned his head from my eyes and turned to the old lady that gave me the money. The gun that was held to my head turned to the only lady. I closed my eyes and heard a pop that echoed through the whole bank. I opened my eyes and saw the lady fall gracefully behind the counter. You can see an outline of her head.

"WHAT...DID...YOU....DO!" I screamed with anger. I don't care who it is, you don't get the right to kill someone no matter what they've done.

"Now it's your turn" the gun came back to the same spot on my head.

"SHOOT ME THEN! I DONT CARE!" I regret those words. Of course I care to be killed! I have a family that cares about me.


"THEN FREAKIN DO IT ALREADY!" He looked like he didn't want to shoot me but I know he'll get I've it! After all he shoot that nice old lady cause I didn't give him the money that is rightfully mine.

I closed my eyes. If I'm gonna die, I don't want to see it happen before my eyes. It's taking a long time for him to pull the trigger. I open one eye slowly, I'm not dead yet! The gun was off my head and pointing at the ceiling. I closed my eyes at the sound of the popping that went off three times.

"EVERYBODY GET OUT! YOU HAVE 30 SECONDS!" The one who still has the gun back at my head. All the innocent people, tripping over others and terrified at the sight of the gun pointing towards them. They all piled out in about 10 seconds. There was only like 5-10 people here today cause it's Sunday.

"Now I have to finish you off still." He took out his pocket knife and traced towards my neck and down to my shoulder. I winced at the pain and blood I could see going down my shirt.

"What do you want from me?" I looked into his eyes.

" I want you."

"You can have the money...I don't care anymore....just let me go home to my family. I love them and they can't love without me in their lives." My eye vision got blurry, just thinking about them was making me want to cry. Suddenly, there was a sharp pain in my arm. I'm scared to look down.


I scream in pain as pushes it deeper and deeper into my skin. I'm getting dizzy. I feel myself falling backwards. The last thing I see is a blue eyes.

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