Aubrey lives with her family. She isn't married or dating anybody. She is a single pringle. Her mother asks her to go to the bank to get her some money. 2,000 dollars to be exact. When she gets the money, the worst thing happens, she is held hostage and taken by none other than one direction gang. Her life has changed. FOR EVER!!!


7. A dog?

I put the sweatpants on and then the shirt. They're really baggy on me. One side of the shirt falls off my shoulder. The wrap the sweatpants brim around like 20 times for it to fit. I hear somebody coming down the steps again. I pray for it to be the blue eyes boy. It's not Harry, blue eyes or Louis. He has brown hair like Louis though and chocolate eyes.

"Hi. I'm Liam." He stood there with a blank face. Well, at least he was polite enough to tell me his name.

"I'm Aub-" he interrupted me.

"Dinners ready." He turns around and I follow him. He takes me to a dirty kitchen. There's a bunch of things on the table. I can see a pot on the stove. Harry is stirring something in the pot.

Liam sits down and calls all the rest of the boys. They all race down the stairs and quickly take they're seats. The only seat left is probably for Harry. I go to sit in the seat and someone pulls it put from under me. I look up and see Harry laughing his ass off. Typical.

Then I hear the rest of the boys laughing too. They're eyes with black eyeliner pierce into my soul, haunting it. The eyeliner makes they're eyes look as if it's all black with no white around it. They're laughs are making me insane. It's like they're messing up my brain. I put my hands on my ears to try and block out the hideous noises. It's not working. I can still here the sounds of terror fill my eardrums. I rock back and forth to calm myself down. I feel like an mentally ill person in an insane institution. I scream in panic and all the laughing stops.

They're eyes are still on me, as if they want a response for my screams. Harry picks me up by my hair and spits in my face. He starts to laugh again and this time, Louis comes from behind to hold my hands. They knew it was torture to me. That's why they loved it. I try not to scream but all of my screams just sort of fly out of my mouth. Harry drops me onto the floor. He walks into the kitchen pantry and pulls out a dog collar, food bowls and a leash. He puts the collar on my neck and takes off my sweatpants and shirt. I get hit a couple of times from fighting with him. He fills the food bowls with water and some food he got out of the refrigerator.

"Now we have a reason to call you a bitch." The food bowl said bitch on it with a poorly drawn skull at the end.

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