Empty Promises

When I saw her on the floor, wrist bleeding, eyes puffy, tears streaming down her face with pills in her hands I instantly regretted the decisions I made.

"You promised." She whispered before she passed out.


1. Chapter 1

[Zayn's POV]

Smokey air filled the club, "Want to dance?" The drunk blonde asks as she flips her thick hair to the side.


"Not with you."

Her smile instantly drops, "What the fuck?"

"I'm tired of dancing with you." I push her off my lap and stand to my feet, the room kinda starts to spin but I ignore it.

"I thought you liked me?" 

"Listen, your dumb if you thought I date." 

"But we-"

I'm quick to cut her off, "We danced then we fucked, that's it. Nothing else."

She brings her hand up and swings her arm but I grab her wrist before her nasty hand can touch my face, I give her a smile and say, "But that was cute... How you thought you could slap me." I drop her wrist and walk away.

It takes me awhile to squeeze through the sweaty bodies on the dance floor before I finally stumble outside, I take a deep breath of fresh air and look up at the night sky. 

I don't have much time to stare at the sparkling stars though, cause I suddenly feel two hands pull me around and slam me my face into the brick wall of the building, "You're the one who made my sister cry? You know I fucking hate people who think they can mess with a girls heart, especially my little sister's heart."

Anger builds up inside of me and before I know it I'm sitting on top of the stranger, my fists violently pound into his nose. Once I feel like he's had enough I simply stop, stand up, and walk away like nothing happened. I search around just to make sure no one was around to see, luckily no one was.

I stumble down abandoned streets until I finally make it to my house that I share with my friend, "What the hell happened to you?" Is the first thing Harry says when I throw the door open. 

"My face got smashed into a brick wall." I shut the door and walk to the bathroom with Harry on my heels. 

"What did you do?"

"I thanked him for breaking my nose." I sarcastically respond. 

"Come on I want to know what really happened." He whines.

"I beat his ass." I clean up the blood on my knuckles and on my face before I exit the room. 




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