Shattered {Harry Styles Fanfiction}

What happens in Ashgrove, stays in Ashgrove


1. Chapter 1

The gravel seemed shaky underneath the tires of our car. The tension also seemed shaky as every time I would look up I would see my Mother staring at me through the rear view mirror.

"You don't have to stare at me every five seconds Mom," I said.

She quickly sighed and turned around.

"All of you grow up so fast....the girls are already 11 and you are 15," she paused and took her eyes off the road for a second to look to the masculine figure sitting beside her.

"And my little baby boy is already 17!!!!"

"Exactly, I'm 17. You could TOTALLY stop babying me now...," my brother said.

"Well where we are going it's probably going to be so hard to keep you home, Jason,"she reached over to the glove compartment and pulled out a brown and green pamphlet and gave it to him.

He looked it over and read a section out loud, "Coffee house and teen friendly diner to entertain your young adults."

"Get a load of this crap,Sutton," he said and reached behind him to toss it to me.

"Jason! Language! That is going to be our new home whether you like it or not," my Mom yelled.

"Ow! Jason! You almost hit me!" yelled Autumn, one of the twins.

"It wasn't even close to hitting you calm down," I said.

"Was too!"

I had no intention of saying anything back. I was too focused on the pamphlet before me.

The place looked so perfect.

Big brown letters spelled out "AshGrove" on the front. "Once you're here,you'll never want to leave," it said.

The place had a bakery, original restaurants, bars, a concert hall, schools, grocery stores,and even a movie theatre.

"I rather not," I thought. I liked watching movies on Netflix on the comfort of my own bed.

Jason and Mom kept fighting about our new neighborhood that sounded more like a gated town. They didn't realize that I was listening in and that I knew that the reason we had to move was because of me.

I kept my mouth shut because I knew that if I said that, my Mom would try to convince me otherwise and that Summer; one of the twins of my two little sisters would use her smart mouth to call me selfish and say that we're doing this for all of anyone asked her.

The car finally came to a slow stop right in front of a metal gate,roses surrounded it ever so fragile. The perfect place for the perfect family to live.

Just perfect, right?

A man approached the car, with the same familiar hat and jacket that a security guard would wear. A security guard? Really? This place is bad enough but you know let's just throw in a security guard.

"Are you the Holloways?" the man asked in a firm voice.

"Yep, that's us!" my mom said with her award winning smile plastered across her face. He nodded his head, pressed a couple of buttons and the gate swung wide open.

"Thanks!" My mom said and easily strode through the open gate into our new neighborhood.

"Thanks!" Jason said in a mocking tone. "God, you are so perky,"

"And is that such a bad thing?"

"It is a bad thing when you already have an overly sarcastic teenager in the car," he chuckled looking back at me.

"Or worse,a 17 year old boy who is still obsessed with Star Wars," I challenged him laughing inside but putting on my best smirk.

"Hey...Star Wars is legendary,"

"Star Wars is an idiotic mess,"

"Well it's good to have a positive attitude...right?" Mom interrupted.

"Yeah sure..." I said sarcastically.

I left my mom and Jason to continue to bicker, and ignoring the twins who were doing god knows what. My eyes drifted to outside of my window. This place looked creepy as shit. This was the new fabulous place my mom was always talking about? This is place we were going to absolutely love? Right.

As my mom keep driving on and on, I got a little anxious. What if that was my new house. Or that one. The anxiety was absolutely KILLING me.

Just when I was about to lose my fricken mind, my mom slowed the car down and drove up a driveway that belonged to a ginormous house.

So this was our new home.

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